Underwear, Boxers & Socks

Underwear, Boxers & Socks

SUNSEAFASHION GROUP LTD., one of the leading Socks manufacturers and suppliers of sports and everyday comfort socks in Bangladesh. Our constant efforts in developing new trends and style on footwear fashions resulted in outstanding products of the best quality socks of different categories and excellence. Our ultimate ...

Underwear, Boxers & Socks

SUNSEAFASHION GROUP LTD., one of the leading Socks manufacturers and suppliers of sports and everyday comfort socks in Bangladesh. Our constant efforts in developing new trends and style on footwear fashions resulted in outstanding products of the best quality socks of different categories and excellence. Our ultimate focus is on total quality management, training and good team works which is our basic foundation of manufacturing world-class standard products. Continuous improvement from planning to design, design to productivity, enhances the part of our vision of emerging with a product uniqueness to Sunseafashion Group Ltd.

We have the ability to identify viable market and our meticulous customers then we manufacture products that dedicate to the largest emerging trends, fashions, and characteristics which our valued consumers desire. We pride ourselves on being recognized as the leading manufacturer of the top brands and chains worldwide. While maintaining stable growth, Sunseafashion Group Ltd still holds the business beliefs “honorable quality, on-going creative development, and service feedback” to supply perfect products for our clients in a timely fashion.

Sunseafashion Group Ltd accentuates on creating variations that can give our cherished customers a lot of choices to choose from.

Sunseafashion Socks was initially a sock factory producing socks for importers and big brands, in recent years we have also been seeing a huge demand in small custom socks, so we opened a flexible sock production line back in 2017. With more than 2 years of operation, we have managed to decrease the minimum ordering quantity from 1,000 pairs to 100 pairs per design per size, as a result of our process-wise lean management throughout the custom sock workflow, it did help a lot of small business get started with a much smaller investment. Although the profit is small compared to our original sock OEM business, we do feel proud of it.

We have over 500 colors of yarn in stock for your choice and we offer physical samples to customers for approval before every batch of bulk production. Below please find a brief introduction of our one-stop custom sock manufacturing service, In a word, we accept both big orders(for sock importers or distributors), and small orders(for small business/independent brands).

Custom Sock Made Easy, by Sunseafashion Socks Team

Simply send us a graphical sock design and we will knit colorful yarns into real socks!

Sock design

You can design your sock in whatever software and send us a high-resolution *.pdf file (Our design template here).

Socks are knitted from a different color of yarn using the jacquard process, so your design shouldn’t contain any gradient effects;

[suggested] Less than 6 colors in a single sock design;

leave enough space for each color block so that the knitting looks smooth;

Sock Material

For small orders: Cotton, Nylon, Spandex, Elastane are supported;

Normally 80%Cotton+17%Nylon+3%Elastane (Featured composition based on our experience);

For big orders(>10,000 pairs): no limitations;

Minimum Ordering Quantity

100 pairs per design per size.


Machine Stitches

For small orders: 200N (finest stitch);

For big orders: 96N, 144N, 168N, 200N all supported;

Custom Packaging

Tags or custom wrap bands both supported (related post here);

Special barcodes can be installed based on your requirements;

International Delivery

We are based in China and the logistic network is quite efficient!


Express delivery: Door-to-door, we will take care of exporting and importing documents, import taxes covered typically for small orders;

Sea shipping: for big orders;

General Process

Order detail confirmation

Agreement on sock designs, sizing, packaging, delivery, etc;

Quotes ;

Sampling & Sample delivery & Sample approval/revisions

Sampling fee 100USD per design + International delivery fee 30USD, note that the sampling fee will be waived upon bulk production;

Sunseafashion Socks start sampling based on your design, 5-7 days;

International sampling delivery, 3-7 days;

You can approve the samples or ask us to make revisions;

Bulk Production

50% upfront to start bulk production;

Production(socks+packaging) finished, 7-10 days for small orders, finished bulk photos will be sent to you;

50% balanced paid;

International delivery


Leading Lingerie Garments Manufacturer in Bangladesh Lingerie Exporters and Suppliers

Check out our past and current projects

Under Garments

We are the best quality underwear’s supplier & manufacturer, Our main products are garments including Bras, Underwear, Vest Sets, Panties, and Sleepwear.

Welcome to our innerwear manufacturing project. We are one the most convenient and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers of lingerie, underwear, swimwear, bra sets, briefs, bikinis, boxers, panties, beachwear, seamless underwear, sleepwear, thongs, corsets, sexy lingerie,

We willingly take any steps to develop and improve the quality of our products. We are proud to state that our factories are more than Compliant with Social standards and quality stipulated on other innerwear manufacturers In Bangladesh or other countries.

Lingerie manufacturer Bangladesh

We Ensure:

• Quality yarn for inner comfort and AZO free dyeing procedure for healthy skin.

• International standard quality having sensation feeling.

• On-time delivery that’s why we work with no bar of time.

• Accessories are made and supplied by our sister concern company.

• Clients’ satisfaction as well as to conduct them for being further communication and production.

Our Pledge:

• Carry out our duties with integrity and Suggest clients when they need suggestions.

• Be clean and clear communication.

• Lead by clients’ orders and requirements.

• Provide a great opportunity for any development before going to bulk production.

• Always try our best production procedure.

• Manage cost-effective production but no compromise with quality.

• Hold our self responsible and accountable. 

Bra Panty Manufacturers Bangladesh

Get in Touch with us

Committed Steps To Ensure Quality Production:

We own In-House Testing Laboratory to check Production status & submit reports. Also doing regular In-House Training Programs to update our Production Personnel for technical experience.

Our factories also ready for social compliance audits by our Buyers at all times.

Production Steps

Committed Steps To Ensure Quality Production: We own In-House Testing Laboratory to check Production status & submit reports. Also doing regular In-House Training Programs to update our Production Personnel for technical experience.


MATERIALS INSPECTION: After manufacturing fabrics, we working hard to meet the specification & requirements of our clients’ are confront. So we check in GSM, fabric depth including its material density and elasticity, light, washing and perspiration fastness, ironing, tensile creep, abrasion resistance, rubbing, PH check, pitting test, tearing strength.


PATTERN AND CUTTING PART INSPECTION: The cutting body of the garments are checked several times before going to production lines, Pattern reference. Unqualified cutting body piece sends to alter section.

Bulk Production

BULK PRODUCTION AND IN-LINE INSPECTION: During bulk production, we ensure the in-line quality inspection by our qualified inspectors to meet up with our client’s requirements.


PRE SHIPMENT AND FINAL INSPECTION: Randomly selected pre-shipment quality inspection held when all the products are manufactured and a minimum of 85% of total quantity have been ready for packaging. Our experienced personnel of inspectors selects the finished goods by following the “Random Selection Method” based on international quality standards which generally known as MIIL-SOTD-105F, BS6000, ASQIC Z 1.5, DIPN 400 and NFIP X0600.


LOADING SUPERVISION: Our expertise loader workers ensure that finished goods are being shipped in proper condition. Before putting on the container, we examine and ensure that the container is ready to load and the products are loaded by sorting of packing list which will be guided by clients PO’s without any mishandled.

Sunseafashion is a Lingerie Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh. Their main products are Underwear, lingerie, bras, bra sets, swimwear, boxers, briefs, bikinis, beachwear, panties, thongs, seamless underwear, sleepwear, sexy lingerie, corsets, etc. main markets are Canada, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe. Sunseafshion is an ISO 9001:2008 compliant Factory. More would be found on their website-


The word lingerie is a word taken directly from the French language, meaning undergarments, and used exclusively for more lightweight items of female undergarments. The French word in its original form derives from the old French word meaning. So faire le linge comes to mean "do the laundry".

The concept of lingerie is a visually appealing undergarment that was developed during the late nineteenth century. of Lucile was a pioneer in developing lingerie that freed women from more restrictive. Through the first half of the 20th century, women wore underwear for three primary reasons: to alter their outward shape (first with and later with or, for reasons and for Before the invention of, women's underwear was often very large and bulky.

During the late 19th century, corsets became smaller, less bulky and more constricting and were gradually supplanted by the brassiere, first patented in the 20th century by. When the broke out, women found themselves filling in men's work roles, creating a demand for more practical undergarments. Manufacturers began to use lighter and more breathable fabrics.

In 1935 brassières were updated with padded cups to flatter small breasts and three years later underwire bras were introduced that gave a protruding bustline. There was also a return to a small waist achieved with girdles. The 1940s woman was thin but had curvaceous hips and breasts that were pointy and shapely. In the 1960s the female silhouette was liberated along with social mores.

In the word, lingerie applies to all undergarments for either sex. In English, it means women's underwear or nightclothes. Lingerie as a word was first used to refer to underwear and bras in 1922. Informal usage suggests visually appealing or even clothing. Although most lingerie is designed to be worn by women, some manufacture now design lingerie for men. Since the mid-1990s, women have had more choice in bra sizes; the focus has changed from choosing bras in an average size to wearing bras that fit perfectly. In the UK, for instance, the media are fueling an awareness campaign about the need for each woman to have a proper bra fitting before every purchase.

The look was adolescent breasts, slim hips, and extreme thinness. was the first to make a fashion statement out of the youth culture when his 1965 collection presented androgynous figures and the image of a modern woman comfortable with her own body. As the 20th century progressed, underwear became smaller and more form-fitting. In 1960, lingerie manufacturers such as begin to glamorize lingerie. The lingerie industry expanded in the 21st century with designs that doubled as outerwear. The French refer to this as 'Dessous-dessus,' meaning something akin to innerwear as outerwear.

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