We Are One of The Best Bangladesh Wholesale Activewear Manufacturers in The Clothing Manufacturing Industry

Sunsea Expert As one of the top wholesale activewear manufacturers in Bangladesh, we have fast become the number one wholesale fitness apparel manufacturing company as far as fitness clothing is concerned. We have grown in leaps and bounds...

We Are One of The Best Bangladesh Wholesale Activewear Manufacturers in The Clothing Manufacturing Industry

Sunsea Expert As one of the top wholesale activewear manufacturers in Bangladesh, we have fast become the number one wholesale fitness apparel manufacturing company as far as fitness clothing is concerned. We have grown in leaps and bounds and only have our diligence, partners, and work ethics to thank for it. Yet, we as a team are pushing our limits and trying hard to raise the bar and appease our customers. We have a catalog that is so extensive and packs in all kinds of sportswear manufacturers that one can think of, be it for the fitness crazy men or workout addict men. From fitness leggings, joggers, tank tops, vests, sports bras, to hoodies, sports jackets, t-shirts, shorts, and many more,  Sunsea Activewear Manufacturer has it all. Each of our clothing segments is headed by a different design team that ideates and creates the fabric composition best for that particular apparel, after which the manufacturing units take over for bulk production.

Our Sunsea Yoga Clothing Collection

Particularly designed for a rigorous routine of power, hot, and meditative yoga asanas, our wholesale yoga pants is an absolute delight for retailers and consumers who would love to stock the best. From tank tops, tees, vests, yoga pants, and sports bras, the collection houses it all.

Wholesale Workout Clothes Manufacturer and Supplier Bangladesh. Running clothes, dance clothes, and custom activewear collection fall into our wow clothing category, the name being self-explanatory as to why. Our wow wholesale workout clothes have one of the best reception amongst our distributors, retailers, and, in short, fitness clothing lovers.

Our Expert Wholesale Gym Clothing Collection

As you can see from the above categories, we take our manufacturer’s role very seriously and our wholesale gym clothing collection speaks volumes. If you are impressed, we would be more than happy to show you more and enlist you as our treasured partner. From trendy and high-performing tank tops, gym tops, shorts, vests and more, keep an eye on our catalog.

Launch Your Own Private Label Fitness Clothing Brand

Partnering with us as your activewear clothing wholesale manufacturer for your private label clothing line can be the best decision you will ever make! So, if you have been only thinking of launching your private label, it is time to give a real shape to your business dreams. Get in touch with, communicate your requirements and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Become A Expert Activewear Distributor

Our distributors and partners have become the top athletic wear wholesale suppliers and we cherish this professional bond. Not just in terms of functionality, we are heading in the front in every department, be it style or durability. Our distributor kits are worth picking up, fill in the form, meet our eligibility criteria and you are good to go!

The time of a new era in fitness clothing has finally come and  Sunsea Activewear Manufacturer has taken the initiative to usher it on every fitness clothing retailer so that they can rev up their stock of activewear pieces with ease. Packed with an experienced and expert arsenal of the best designers and manufacturing pros in the business, we, one of the biggest wholesale activewear manufacturers in the USA look to make our impression in this competitive industry and create new benchmarks. We have been around since 2007 and hope to continue serving the business owners/retailers/ individual bulk buyers with this same zeal for years to come.

With the dedication to make a difference in manufacturing and supply, our Bangladesh based company has set out with a dream – to make top class workout clothes at affordable prices. With a catalog that reflects our fashion-savvy ideals with the latest buzzwords prevalent in the fitness-fashion circuit, we take inspiration to curate something fresh and create our own rules. Our presence in both the United States along with a string of offices in Spain Germany, Australia, China, we look to break new grounds and make you feel more than satisfied for what you order in bulk.

Activewear and Team sports manufacturers.

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Professional Sportswear Manufacturer

Realizing the requirement of the retailers and business owners regarding sports clothing items like outfits and accessories, we have brought in the fresh product genre of sportswear. This way, we have reached the zenith of success to become the globally acclaimed and top-class wholesale sportswear manufacturer! Our widest assortment of products comes in a medley of varieties, from different colors to a range of cuts, designs, styles, and silhouettes. From American Football to Basketball, Athletics, Golf, Ice Hockey, dancewear, Lacrosse to other genres of sports, we satiate people from every background.  The exceeding demands are taken care of by our new-fangled array of authentic sports garments, available in all sizes for men and women.

Being the leading sportswear company, we offer high-quality items

Sunseafashion has been hailed as the most credible and high-grade sportswear company of the world and hence apart from the stylistic details, we also prioritize the quality of the products. We make sure to perfectly craft the clothes in high-quality synthetic materials that root for comfort, durability and are capped with moisture-wicking facilities. Also, they are stitched intricately for the most appropriate line and length.

Get Customized Sports Clothing Options for Your Team

Keeping up with our reputation of a celebrated wholesale sportswear company, we offer the most impeccable and sartorial custom sports clothing design options. Once the team owners and retailers brief us about their requirements and preferences, we bring to them the exact products in bulk. The unparalleled prowess and a team of professional craftsmen make it possible to fulfill all the orders and ship them to the right destination within the mentioned deadline.




Private Label Fitness Apparel

Reap the reward for all the hard work with fascinating athletic apparel solutions. We are the noted wholesale workout clothing manufacturer in the USA, Australia, Canada and also supplies in Saudi Arabia.

private label clothing manufacturers

Place Bulk Orders & Enjoy Amazing Wholesale Prices

Give your life the perfect shape and be fit and active! Enjoy affordable prices on bulk orders of manufacturer custom tracksuits in the USA, Canada, Australia.

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One-stop factory for all your custom workout clothes needs.

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SUNSEAFASHION is specialized in sourcing and producing functional and technical Snowboard+Ski Wear, outdoor sportswear, casual+beach wear as well as various snow-related accessories. Fabrics, from technical to casual types, woven and knitted, are being sourced from Taiwan, Korea as well as from the manufacturing countries.


:: Design

Through our company, we can offer a full design service for technical snow+outdoor garments in case some clients do not have their styles or brand or are eager to improve and update their products.


:: Production

We concentrate on production in Bangladesh and therefore can offer the most competitive prices for each product category. In each country, we set up our professional Quality Control Team who is constantly present in all factories and ensures a minimum standard of AQL 2.5 and to ensure high-quality garments and high-efficiency production.

Men’s ítem, T-shirt Tank top, Polo Shirts, Underwear, Pajamas / Sleeping dress, Sweatshirts / Hoodie, Jackets, Vest, Shorts, Jogging sets, Shirts (dress / formal), Pants (Denim/twill/canvas), Sweater / Pullover /Cardigan, Workwear, Corporate wear, Sportswear, Women’s ítems, T-shirt, Tank top, Polo shirts, Underwear, Pajamas / Sleeping dress, Sweatshirts / Hoodie, Jackets, Vest, Shorts, Jogging sets, Dress/shirts/blouse, Skirt, Pants (Denim/twill/canvas), Sweater / Pullover /Cardigan, Workwear, Corporate wear, Sportswear, Children/kids / newborn, T-shirt, Tank top, Polo shirts, Underwear, Pant/shorts, Vest/ Jackets, Rugby shirt, Shirt, Sweatshirts / Hoodie, Sweater / Pullover /Cardigan,




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