Activewear & Gym Wear

Sportswear - Activewear & Gym Wear and compression wear

Oem Sportswear Suppliers and Manufacturer Bangladesh

Want to get fit in style? Our collection of sportswear effortlessly combines comfort and style.
From stylish gym leggings with bold camo prints and slogans to basic hoodies and sweats,
you can drop it like it's squat...

Activewear & Gym Wear

Sportswear - Activewear & Gym Wear and compression wear

Oem Sportswear Suppliers and Manufacturer Bangladesh

Want to get fit in style? Our collection of sportswear effortlessly combines comfort and style.
From stylish gym leggings with bold camo prints and slogans to basic hoodies and sweats,
you can drop it like it's squat in our on-trend sportswear for women and men Boys and Children Kids and Babies.

Leaders In Custom Sportswear World Wide

OEM Sportswear- Activewear & Gym Wear Suppliers and Manufacturers
Want to get fit in style? Our collection of women's sportswear effortlessly combines comfort and style.
From stylish gym leggings with bold camo prints and slogans to basic hoodies and sweats,
you can drop it like it's squat in our on-trend sportswear for women.

Sportswear Activewear & Gym wear

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wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers

The third range is for the Gym Clothes this market is expanding along with fitness wear clothing according to details of manufacturing.

Gym Clothes

Sun Sea Expert Clothing (LTD) is a full-service private label clothing manufacturer, dedicated to providing the best in service, quality, and price for our clients. In addition to superior fabric and private label apparel manufacturing, we provide established product development, design

Build your brand with Sun Sea Expert Clothing (LTD)- Custom Fitness Sports & Casual Apparel Manufacturer

gym wear is designed to give you the confidence to train hard and without compromise. The latest gym clothes utilize the newest technologies to keep you cool as well as giving you the support so you can work out in comfort. Find the perfect sports bra, training top, vests, leggings, Capri tights, tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts and more to suit your preferences. Get fit and stay in shape in the best quality ladies gym clothes.

Our fantastic range of ladies' fitness gear includes everything you will need for the gym, working out, walking, running, yoga and any other sport. Browse the women's fitness clothing for workout tops, vests, sports bras, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, tights, and capri pants. Complete your outfit with a pair of ladies' trainers. Get fit in style and without breaking the bank via the great deals on the latest fitness kit. Combine your new gym gear with our fitness and exercise equipment section and take your workout to the next level!

Gym wears includes Men's Gym Wear, Fitness Clothing, Women's Gym Clothes & Activewear and compression clothing

compression clothing has come a long way and there are no two ways about it. The features that we lock in the compression garments make them the best clothing partners for fitness lovers when they keep themselves busy in any workout program, cardio exercises or strength training sessions. To keep the joints pain-free and adding a higher dosage of agility to movements, the women’s compression garment collection that we offer stands apart. At Fitness Clothing Manufacturer, we design, distribute and craft premium quality compression garments that are high in demand among the fitness clothing retailers and businessmen.

Our Wide Variety of Wholesale Compression Garments

When you check out our colossal inventory for sprucing up your store’s stock, you will come across high neck jerseys, compression pants, jackets and much more that redefine the norms of fitness clothing. It is not only the health benefits during a workout that we remember when crafting these workout apparel, but we also offer a burst of colors, eye-grabbing designs in our compression garments wholesale collection to woo you. You can ask for anything and we will be more than happy to supply you with compression wear that will let you cater to the needs of your end customers or the bunch of fitness freaks.

Make The Most of Our Custom Options

Private label manufacturers or anyone in need of custom clothing requirements can surely get in touch with us for your custom requirements of women’s compression garments. Just brief our size requirements, color options, logo embossing or any other custom demand you might be having and we as a custom compression garments wholesaler we will deliver the bulk order bang on time at the desired destination.

So if you are looking for women’s compression clothing in bulk, in need of a quote, get in touch with our helpdesk and we will get in touch with you at the soonest! As a women’s compression wear manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler we have a strong distribution network that has made it possible for us to do business all across the globe.


Activewear, Athletic and Fitness apparel qualities like compression and dry-fit.

Sunseafashion Sportswear was founded in 2002. We manufacture functional apparel for some of the most discerning sports and outdoor apparel brands and private labels across the globe, with primary markets in Europe, North American, and Japan.

outdoor-jacket, cycling-jacket, ski-pant, snowboard-jacket, football-training-jacket, running-shorts,

Our products are made in safe and clean environments with good lighting and ventilation. We respect local customs and are adamant about preventing employee exploitation, coercion, and abuse. We only hire trained workers and experienced managers. We provide affordable health care and free accommodation and give performance bonuses and seasonal perks to workers. These incentives lead to higher performance, improved product quality, and increased employee retention.

Yoga shirts/tank/top

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Apart from being the wholesaler of fashionable and fitness clothing pieces, Sunseafashion Wholesale caters to the demands of the sports teams and sports retail stores with our line of wholesale sports apparel products. Professional Sportswear Manufacturer, Realising the requirement of the retailers and business owners regarding sports clothing items like outfits and accessories, we have brought in the fresh product genre of sportswear. This way, we have reached the zenith of success to become the globally acclaimed and top-class wholesale sportswear manufacturer! Our widest assortment of products comes in a medley of varieties, from different colors to a range of cuts, designs, styles, and silhouettes.

From American Football to Basketball, Athletics, Golf, Ice Hockey, dancewear, Lacrosse to other genres of sports, we satiate people from every background.  The exceeding demands are taken care of by our new-fangled array of authentic sports garments, available in all sizes for men and women.

Being the leading sportswear company, we offer high-quality items

Sunseafashion has been hailed as the most credible and high-grade sportswear company of the world and hence apart from the stylistic details, we also prioritize the quality of the products. We make sure to perfectly craft the clothes in high-quality synthetic materials that root for comfort, durability and are capped with moisture-wicking facilities. Also, they are stitched intricately for the most appropriate line and length.

Get Customized Sports Clothing Options for Your Team

Keeping up with our reputation of a celebrated wholesale sportswear company, we offer the most impeccable and sartorial custom sports clothing design options. Once the team owners and retailers brief us about their requirements and preferences, we bring to them the exact products in bulk. The unparalleled prowess and a team of professional craftsmen make it possible to fulfill all the orders and ship them to the right destination within the mentioned deadline.


Sunseafashion is a rapidly emerging apparel designer brand in the world. We design and market women, men and kids apparel and a range of other products that are manufactured and marketed through an extensive network of licensing agreements and other arrangements worldwide.

We Are Private Label Fitness Apparel Manufacturer

As a renowned private label fitness clothing manufacturing unit, we play an indispensable role in making a difference in the apparel industry. From making sure of quality and quantity to setting up the latest production and design infrastructure, we make it all happen.

 With us you get:

• Best wholesale prices, discounts on bulk order of our products.

  •   Clothing pieces churned out of quality fabric for superior fit and comfort.

• MOQ for private labels is not that high at all!

• Punctual and fast delivery of your bulk orders at the desired destination.

Sunseafashion Activewear Manufacturer has been helping private label clothing manufacturers to do away with any kind of stock-souring issue as we have a commendable catalog of varied clothing options. We take our job very seriously and hence would like to introduce to you some of our product categories.


Ride the Fitness Wave with Our Private Label Clothing Manufacturing

Fitness, exercise routines are all over social media and everyone is getting all riled up to join the wave. We, as a popular private label clothing manufacturer in the USA, understand the indelible urge of the business owners to come up with their clothing line and we are here to help the fitness apparel industry grow in leaps and bounds. We, at wholesale custom fitness clothing manufacturers, have pledged excellence and hard work, both of which we are going to help all business owners/retailers to help them march towards their business goals.

Sunseafashion Activewear Manufacturer believes that fitness is the right foot forward for us as a culture and race; that we should pursue it with zeal never seen before. Activewear Manufacturer is ready to do its part as a top manufacturer in conjunction with the business owners.

Private Label Workout Clothing

Workout clothing is an absolute necessity with more people joining the weight lifting and cross fit culture. Our workout apparel is made of the best quality fabrics that absorb sweat and reduce any kind of drag or friction.

This segment of wholesale workout clothing manufacturer is the most flexible of them all and isn’t tailor-made for any single type of training. From walks in the park and half marathons to Cross Fit challenges in their local gym, your customers will find all their right workout gear from this segment.

We have a wide range of products that will give your private label variety and entice more customers to buy from you. When you bulk order from us, we help you create a customer base with our quality manufacturing processes. You can come up with any specifications ranging from the apparel size, fabric, color, design and more, we cater to your bulk clothing requirements the exact way you want!

Private Label Gym Clothing

Made for people who like to go hardcore while sweating it out in buckets, these range from compression wear to shorts, joggers, vests, and t-shirts! In fact, in many ways these apparels peak performance with better muscle grip and increased blood flow.

Available in colors of every shade, Activewear Manufacturer’s wholesale gym clothing manufacturing segment is made for hardcore drilling and explosive training. The gear is based on scientific designs and material, and we are proud to have a research and development wing which makes sure that everything keeps innovating and getting better with time. Some of our gym clothing is so lightweight; your customers are going to feel super comfy! If you want to start a fitness private label brand, this collection of ours is a definite must-have.

Private Label Yoga Clothing

When it comes to yoga, the only thing we can think of is bliss and peace of mind. What all of us tend to forget is that yoga exercises need the proper gear to make sure that practitioners can hold the proper form over long periods. They must be a lightweight, tight fit, and stretchable to ensure optimum performance and our yoga clothing ticks all of those checkboxes. We have followed yoga experts over the years and surveyed them to narrow down to the best material along with the right amount of stretchability and lightness when producing wholesale yoga clothing for our bulk buyers. No matter what colors your customers demand, we have it all lined up for them. You can easily go the custom way and spell out your requirements!

Private Label Sports Apparel

Also known as performance wear, this collection will give a unique edge to your private label brand. No matter what sport it is, you will find the proper outfit for it in this collection. Since we believe in excellence, we have had professionals design our line of sportswear to maximize ergonomic advantage to sportspersons. Different from all kinds of sports and events, bulk Activewear Manufacturer has specialized sportswear for swimming, cycling, track and field, powerlifting, etc.

In a segment so diversified, we have made sure that our development team makes only the very best of clothing to help athletes reach the zenith of their performance. When you bulk orders your private label sports clothes from us, we guarantee that you will be recognized soon as a sportswear brand amongst your customers.

White Label Clothing Manufacturer

All of our private label clothing collections are white label and ready to be rebranded with the insignia of your retail dream. We make sure that we uphold the best quality as every private label business owner that works with us, is in ways our representative like we are theirs (though we don’t go about broadcasting it, but cherish our professional bond). By closing working together, we can create a fitness clothing industry that will truly overwhelm the rest of its utility and style.

If you have been just dreaming of your clothing line, it is time to act without dilly-dallying with a bucket of business ideas. Take the plunge, don’t think much as it is worth taking a risk at times! We promise to be your support system and serve you in the best possible way. Just fill-up the form below and send us your custom requirements; we would be happy to see your business dreams, getting fulfilled!

Long Sleeves Tops, T-shirts & Short Sleeves Tops, Stringer Vest & Tanktops, Polo Shirts,  Sports Bras, Hoodies and Sweatshirts,  Shorts, Leggings & Tights, Jogging Pants

We as Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd always welcome designs and specifications from our clients for there orders or developments. If you have any questions or have any inquiry contact us by email at Url.


Sportswear  There are 209 products.


  • fitness leggings

    Fitness leggings. Fitness Leggings Manufacturers

    Sunsea Xpert Gym Leggings, over a short span of time, Sunsea has become a leading authority in the fitness-fashion industry. Primarily crafting women’s workout leggings, we as the manufacturer is a name to reckon with for all retailers and business owners who want to establish their venture and subsequently succeed. With unperturbed services and a wow-worthy inventory, we have rightfully earned the position of becoming a one-stop destination for all who wants to buy impeccable leggings in bulk. With multiple offices located all over the globe, we cater convenience to the business owners. With us by your side, you will be successful.

    The collection of fitness leggings is bound to impress all

    Sunsea  As one of the leading manufacturers of women’s workout leggings, we have a massive inventory to boast of. Highlighting top-quality capped with a stunning appeal, the umpteen pairs of ladies’ workout leggings that are available with us are bound to impress the fashion-forward ladies. From comfortable high waist fitness leggings to stylish women’s workout tights, you will be spoiled for a choice when viewing the catalog that we have on display.

    Though the pairs are versatile and can be worn for numerous occasions, the incorporation of a plethora of shades and textures lend the leggings a classy appeal. Be it a subtle undertone, a basic shade or a vibrant hue, browse through the collection of women’s fitness leggings as featured and you will find it all. Leggings featuring printed motifs, quirky patterns, intricate details, are all in sync with the latest inclinations of the fitness-fashion circuit. The leggings are designed by our extremely talented designers.

    To complement the nifty designs of the leggings, we have used fabrics like mesh and spandex, which are all recognized as performance-enhancing materials. These contribute to functional qualities like wicking moisture and promoting breathability, being stretchable and light in weight. A perfect balance between function and fashion, our collection of wholesale athletic leggings is worth the fuss. Add these pieces to your inventory to impress your customers and increase your list of clients.

    Our provisions allow you to personalize the leggings

    With a plethora of services on offer, we have earned a good reputation in the fitness-fashion industry. From offering free shipping all over the world to levying discounts on bulk purchase, you can rely on us for the best of facilities. However, stealing the spotlight is our facility of customizing wholesale workout leggings.

    As a reputed manufacturer in the industry, we have provisions to equipment that allow personalization of the women’s fitness leggings using your own designs and concepts. Our designers work closely with you to assist you to achieve substantial consequences.

    Whether you want to change the color of the pieces or experiment with the fabric, our customization program includes it all. Add a new design to the already existing ones to cater to the preference of your customers. Length and size can also be customized with the machines. Capable of modifying the leggings in bulk, you can now produce as many pieces as you want, the way you want, without having to shelf a lot of money.

    Those who want to launch their own brand and stock the best of the leggings can approach us. We are a top-rated private label gym leggings manufacturer enabling you to give a slice of reality to your business dreams.

    Expand your business by becoming a distributor with us

    Operating as a manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, Sunsea Gym Leggings fulfills multiple roles in the industry credibly. The motive of the fitness leggings wholesale manufacturer is to assist retailers and business owners find a firm stand by themselves in the industry, by providing them great support. Reliable and trustworthy, we are committed to our goal, and thus have introduced programs which allow retailers to register with us as individual distributors.

    Promising individual growth and success of the venture, working with us will put you in the right momentum to survive the cut-throat industry.

    Contact Sunsea Gym Leggings today for more information!

  • sublimated leggings

    sublimated leggings.

    Sunsea Xpert A producer, manufacturer, and distributor of wholesale sublimation leggings, Sunsea Xpert ,Gym Leggings is the manufacturing hub that retailers/business owners cling to for sourcing the best supplies of exclusive pieces of leggings that are creating havoc fitness-fashion industry. Featuring a wide range of leggings, we excel in catering to the needs of the bulk buyers. Assisting the retailers and business owners all the way to success, we deliver what we promise. To get innumerable pairs of sublimation leggings for upgrading your store’s stock, choose Gym Leggings as your manufacturer.

    The diversity of the sublimation leggings is immense in our collection

    Including a wide range of shades and textures, the wholesale sublimation leggings showcased in our catalog stands out on both quality and appeal. The sheer variety of the leggings is what sets these apart from the rest. When you browse the catalog you will find variations such as under amour sublimated leggings, mesh leggings and sublimated capris. Each of the pairs is constructed using fine quality materials which ensure to lend a soft touch against the skin of the lady wearing it, allowing her to be at ease, regardless of the situation. The sublimation leggings fulfill all functional requirements seamlessly, like wicking moisture or promoting breathability. All of these features can be attributed to the use of the superior quality materials used in the construction of the pairs.

    Winning hearts and impressing fashionistas, the concoction of the brightest hues in the leggings make the pieces alluring. The print canvas can also go bigger and from big blooms, miniature floral motifs, tropical prints, food-inspired prints, geometric lines to abstract prints- there are choices galore! Versatility is the key aspect of the versions available with Gym Leggings. Though the sublimated leggings are crafted primarily for workout sessions, the unique designs and the intricate detailing on the pairs make these worth the fuss. The use of proper sublimation ink boosts the overall appearance of the leggings. As a leading sublimated leggings manufacturer in the fitness-fashion circuit, we are dedicated to catering the preferences and demands of the customers.

    Our services as a leggings manufacturer are top-notch

    Your primary reason for considering us might be the wow-worthy inventory; however, it is truly our services that set us apart in the cut-throat market. From free shipping around the world to levying discounts on bulk purchase, we have a long list of impressive facilities to offer to the retailers and the business owners who plan to choose us. As a sublimation leggings wholesale manufacturer, we allow you to make a bulk purchase of the pieces while earning a high-profit margin yourself. Be it becoming a distributor with us or personalizing sublimated leggings, we offer every type of amenities for you to grow the venture. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, our presence is ubiquitous and can be accessed all over the world. We have multiple offices located in Canada, Australia, China to name a few.

    Personalize the sublimated leggings with your personal design

    One of our many services includes customizing leggings. The designers hired by us work in close quarters with you, helping you realize your vision with satisfying results. As a leading manufacturer of custom sublimated leggings, we have access to equipment which allows you to incorporate your personal design with the leggings. The sublimation inkjet is capable to produce sublimation printing leggings which are permanent in nature and can endure wear and tear. The good quality fabrics allow the sublimation prints to stand out and make a statement of their own. From the colors to design, shape to fabric, the personalization allows you to make changes to the pairs of leggings as you wish. With customized leggings, you can reach out to more customers and increase your client list significantly.

    Become a distributor of sublimated leggings with us Sunsea Xpert

    Sunsea Xpert is known in the industry for assisting retailers to attain success. You can become a distributor by registering under any of the programs available. As you become a distributor, you can purchase the sublimation leggings in bulk and further distribute it amongst the small business owners. Allowing you to increase your turnover, you can finally expand your business role. Get the distributor kit today and start savoring triumph like never before!

    For those interested in launching their private label brand for leggings, can bank on us as one of the best private label gym leggings manufacturer and of other variety, can contact us at the soonest with their specific needs.
    Contact Sunsea Xpert today for more information regarding your queries.

  • Custom leggings

    Sunsea Xpert Custom leggings

    Sunsea Xpert Offering grand services and a stunning inventory, Sunsea Xpert Gym Leggings has become a one-stop destination for all retailers and business owners. A manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, Gym Leggings fulfills its roles effectively, which has garnered a wide-spread recognition from our clients. With facilities that allow you to make custom leggings, we pack a punch with our other setups like establishing new private label brands or helping business enthusiasts to become a distributor under our growing umbrella. Get all kinds of assistance from us to nurture your venture to the epitome of success and make a mark in the fitness-fashion industry with the best custom printed leggings.

    The tech used for the customization process is top-notch-Sunsea Xpert

    Sunsea Xpert Being a celebrated custom-made leggings manufacturer, we are armed with a creative and talented team of designers, have the latest equipment in the industry that allows you design your own leggings in tune with your business needs. The ink jet dry sublimation printers that we use to customize the pieces are top-notch and high- tech, permitting us to produce leggings that stand out in the crowd.

    The sublimation printer uses heat to transfer the ink on the fabric, which not only gives a long-lasting effect to the motif but also a bright and vibrant appeal. The prints become prominent which can be attributed to the good quality of the leggings. The printer can produce custom printed leggings wholesale in bulk that adds to your convenience. All the retailers who want to start their own private label brand can easily seek sublimation printing assistance from us to personalize the leggings and amaze your customers with unique and innovative versions.

    What can you customize on the leggings?

    With our provisions, you can design your own leggings wholesale. Conceptualizing your designs and concepts into realities, the idea is to customize your own leggings and make an exclusive appeal to the customers. We provide with blank leggings which are then filled with the motif you provide to the designers. Working closely with you to give results that are satisfying, the custom personalized leggings can be anything you want these to be. From tropical floral prints to animal patterns, animated motifs to stripes, the extent of the patterns and themes to be customized is many. Just take your pick and the rest will be taken care of by us.

    The customization package is not only available for experimenting with shades and colors, but it can also be well utilized in the primary design as well. capris, yoga pants, and tights are some of the other variations available for you to insert your personal designs.
    For the retailers who are starting their own private label brands can also get the logo embossed on the customized workout leggings. Provide the blueprint of the brand logo to our professional designers, who will incorporate the same easily on the leggings. With us by your side, you can be assured of complete success.

    Establish a private label brand with our services Sunsea Xpert.

    With impressive services and fashionable custom women’s leggings in the inventory, Sunsea Xpert Gym Leggings has earned its reputation. Under our massive aegis, growth is assured for all retailers and business owners. Our motive is simply to assist retailers to establish their venture in the industry. Under our private label program, you can further expand as an individual brand by designing and selling custom fitness leggings to your customers and getting recognition in return. We help you with all kinds of provisions that allow you to set up your own brand. From levying discounts on bulk order to free shipping of the consignment to the desired destination, the facilities we offer as a renowned custom fitness leggings manufacturer should impress you to the core. With an opportunity to significantly increase your yearly turnover and your list of customers, we promise overall success for your new brand.

    Assisting retailers and business owners realize their dreams,Sunsea Xpert is the right arm you want to cling to. You can also operate as a distributor for us, which is possible once you register for the program. So, get the distributor kit from us today!

  • Capris

    Capris. Sunsea Xpert 

    Recognized highly as one of the best capris manufacturers in the fitness-fashion industry, Sunsea Xpert  is the ultimate destination for all retailers and business owners. Engineering the best wholesale Capri leggings in the circuit, we stand out on the account of our unperturbed services and wow-worthy inventory. Be it the variation of the pieces or the provision in which retailers can start their own brands, Gym Leggings is a one-stop destination for all. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, we have offices in other locations as well, which includes China, Australia, and Canada. Working with us will make success a recurring habit for you.

    Find a diverse collection of capris in our inventory.Sunsea Xpert 

    Being a leading authority in manufacturing women’s Capri workout pants, our experts keep a track of the latest trends and inclinations of the fitness-fashion circuit, which allows the designers to craft the most fashionable wholesale Capri leggings. Primarily constructed for enduring workout regimes, the incorporation of bright and vibrant shades gives the capris the required style boost. With other quirky motifs and intricate themes included with the capris, the pairs have a charming overall appeal. We, as a manufacturer, take cues from celeb style diaries, runaways, prevalent trends to Insta pics doing the rounds to curate some of the best leggings in our catalog for you to purchase. The variation in the basic design will spoil you for a choice. From high-waisted versions to ruffle capris, yoga pants to athletic versions, our catalog boasts of it all. Combined with the nifty construction, the women’s workout Capri leggings we offer are the best in the industry and will be a fine addition to your store collection.

    Start your own private label brand with us.Sunsea Xpert 

    Sunsea Xpert  as a celebrated wholesale Capri leggings manufacturer, offer a wide range of services that retailers can rely on. However, stealing the spotlight is our private label brand program which allows retailers to establish their individual brand. You can design your own women’s fitness capris under this program. You provide the design to our excellent designers, who then work in close proximity with you to produce results that are satisfying. Under the private label package, we allow you not only to design unique leggings in bulk but arm you with knowledge related to product selection, purchase and more. Discounts are also levied on bulk purchase, which further increases the opportunity to make a profitable turnover.

    With us as your wholesale capris manufacturer, you can be assured of reaching the epitome of success. With top-quality services like free shipping and packaging, we are dedicated to serving you. Not only establishing brands, but you can also become a distributor by sealing a professional deal with us. Get the distributor kit today and start climbing the stairs to triumph. Contact Sunsea Xpert  for more information.

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Showing 1 - 28 of 209 items