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Mens Underwear & Socks

Men's Underwear & Socks.

Sunsea Fashion for Men’s Undergarments and Socks

An absolute wardrobe essential for every man out there – innerwear for men is something one cannot imagine life without. Whether you are going somewhere out or by yourself at home, men undergarments are one of the most staple clothing items that every man needs in his life...

Men's Underwear & Socks.

Sunsea Fashion for Men’s Undergarments and Socks

An absolute wardrobe essential for every man out there – innerwear for men is something one cannot imagine life without. Whether you are going somewhere out or by yourself at home, men undergarments are one of the most staple clothing items that every man needs in his life. The style of every outfit that you wear on the outside stems deep down from the innerwear for men. Therefore, amp up your wardrobe collection by buying from a vast collection of men’s underwear available online at houses an amazing array of men’s underwear and socks online for all men out there.

History of Socks & Innerwear for Men’s.

The history of men’s underwear is quite interesting from the times of big leaves to the classic pieces of comfortable Jockey underwear for men –the men have seen it all. Until the time of the late Middle Ages, nobody used to wear any kind of underwear. However, with the passage of time, linen being a soft material started being used as pieces of undershirts and even undergarments for some men. Even until the later ages, only the aristocrats and some noblemen used to enjoy the luxury of silken undergarments. However, the times of the 1860s & 1870s experienced greater developments in the textile industry concerning the manufacturing of comfortable underwear for men in a myriad of styles and patterns.

Branded Men’s Underwear for Ultimate Comfort.

Men’s boxers are other clothing items that impact the much-needed comfort and feel-at-home scenario. Men’s trunk help in achieving the perfect balance between great form and high functionality with its overall simple design and great comfort features. Featuring a wide selection of the best quality of boxer briefs for men in terms of types, colors, prints, and fabric choices, you can be assured of finding the perfect pair of men’s boxers that match your style.

For the laid-back man who likes to spend some relaxed moments, the pair of classic easy-to-wear men’s briefs are an ultimate choice. Lightweight and highly comfy Jockey boxers can be an ideal option for those looking for the topmost level of serenity from the inside. These briefs and boxers for men are characterized by playful prints and vibrant colors as available online at Team up your classic men’s briefs with designer white men’s boxers or shorts and a printed t-shirt or polo tee. Complete the look with a pair of branded sports shoes or cool sneakers and a baseball cap. For your corporate look, adorn a pair of fitted formal trousers and a checkered shirt. Wear matching briefs for men with formal trousers for an attractive finish.

When you are buying men’s undergarments online, there are several options of choosing from the wide collection of colors, types, fabrics, patterns, prints, and so more at Socks for men are another wardrobe essentials that are available online at in a myriad of design and style options. From men’s socks that match your overall apparel or sneakers to classic contrasting branded Jockey socks, find your best one online at If you are always on the go, then you should opt for buying socks for men that emanate great comfort and style at the same time. Stocking the best range of men socks online from the best brands like Jockey socks, Nike socks, and others, brings to you a wide array of highly functional and comfy socks for your everyday use.

Underwear  panty and Bra manufacturers

Looking for bra designers and manufacturers to develop your underwear collection? Sunseafashion is at your service. Whatever request you have for manufacturing bras under your private label, we will turn it into a success. You can count on us as professional bra designers and manufacturers to develop a high quality and well-designed bra to produce under your private label. Please contact us for a personal appointment so we can discuss your wishes and possibilities.

Full service by bra designers and manufacturers

As bra designers and manufacturers, we can support you through the whole developing process. We see this as a serious challenge and offer all necessary services, recommendations, and input to support you in this process. For example, we can help you with the selection of the material, styling of the bra and fitting of the bra. And even then, our service does not stop! We make sure the bras are packaged nicely. Upon request, we can take care of the transport and import for you.

Sexy & Sustainable

Few things are as personal as what we’re wearing under our everyday wardrobe. Our undergarments start our day with us; they should be comfortable, make us feel confident and effortlessly sexy, and—ideally—reflect our values for ethics and sustainability.

There are a growing number of ethical and sustainable clothing brands that respect both people and the planet. But ethical swimwear and ethical lingerie lines—especially ones that make us look and feel amazing—are fewer and farther between. If you’re ready to update the everyday essentials to brands that are ethical, sustainable, and conscious, check out our favorite eco-friendly lingerie lines below.

Ethical & Sustainable | B Corp, responsible production, fair trade

Lingerie Products | Bras, bralettes, tees, cotton underwear, socks

Organic | Yes

Ethical & Sustainable | Made from organic bamboo, low-waste production, recycled packaging

Lingerie Products | Bras, underwear, socks, bodysuits

Ethical & Sustainable | Sustainable & ethical production with GOTS-certified cotton, recycled packaging

Lingerie Products | Underwear & non-wired bras in basic colors, socks, tees

Organic | Yes

An ethical workplace with health & safety standards, size-inclusive

Lingerie Products | Supportive underwire bras, underwear

Organic | No

Ethical & Sustainable | Ethical production process, radical transparency

Lingerie Products | Cotton underwear, unlined bras, bodysuits

As a specialized underwear manufacturer, we are at your service to produce all types of underwear, from seamless to cut & sewn articles. Feel free to get in touch to inquire about the possibilities we have to offer.

We guide you in developing and manufacturing your collection.

Please contact us for more information or a personal appointment.

Seamless underwear a specialized manufacturer

Nowadays, many people choose seamless underwear because of its high comfort and convenience. To be of high comfort, however, the underwear must be of high quality. To guarantee a high level of quality, we work closely together with a selected group of partner factories. Each manufacturer has its unique strengths which give us the possibility to offer you seamless underwear of superior quality at the best possible price.

Contact us to discuss your wishes and our possibilities

Do you have a design for seamless underwear and looking for the right manufacturer? Nika Group is glad to be at your service. Contact us through to make a personal appointment. That way we can discuss your wishes and our possibilities. Would you first like to receive some more information? In that situation as well, feel free to contact us! We would be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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For Yoga and Cotton Lovers!

If you are looking for high cut underwear, with a high component of cotton and stretch, you have found the perfect pair. This classic breathable high cut will hug your body in all the right places and leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

The cotton-rich fabrication is of the highest quality. It is stretchy, supportive, breathable and long-lasting. Over 70% cotton blend will provide, coolness at summer and breathability, as well as dry quickly while traveling. The cotton fiber wrapping the elastane would prevent direct contact of synthetic components with your body so this pair of undies would be an idea for sensitive skin or heat sensitivity. The hidden elastane provides stretch for an ultimate comfort fit.  This brief has great coverage and support with a high cut on the thigh that will flatter your shape.

With no tags or itchy side seams, you just cannot go wrong! Do not hesitate and treat your body with comfort! You deserve comfort!

Ultimate all-day comfort, Idea for Yoga,  Over 70% Cotton fiber, Comfort Waist Band, Smooth body line, High cut leg for everyday wear, Light control, Side Seam Free, Cotton terry gusset,

Breathability and Absorption, No tags or labels to avoid skin irritation, Easy wash, and care,

Fabric Content: Cotton/Nylon/Elastane, Care Instructions: Wash before wear. Warm machine washes with like colors. Line Dry.

Our innerwear for men collection is bursting with trending designs and patterns from the leading brands out there. Do online shopping and buy the best men undergarments and men’s socks from


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