Bangladesh Knitwear Factory supplier & exporter of verities of t-shirts, polo shirts, pajamas, woven jackets, denim pants, etc. Corporate T-Shirt Printing, 

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We help you take care of everything to bring your vision to life.


Fabric & Trims Sourcing

Tech Pack Development

Pattern Development

Size Chart Grading

Sample development



Cut & Sew Manufacturing

Printing / Embroidery

Dyeing / Washing

Bulk Production

Custom Fabric



Quality Control Inspection


Custom Notions & Trims

Labels & Tags






Sportswear / Swimwear



Production Capacity

Over 300 skilled workers, covering 10,000 square meters, 5 production lines


Experienced Manufacturer

26 years experience in clothes products.


ODM & OEM Ability

Over 2 domestic designers, more than 100 new styles each year, long-term good relationship with many well-known brands.


Quality Assurance

Passed the factory audit of BSCI.



Sunseafashion , We have a variety of T-shirts for men, women, and kids, our T-shirts are fashionable and have a good price. Besides, we can custom your own logo on our products if you are interested.



Wholesale Quick Dry 100% Cotton Solid Color Men's Blank Plain T-shirts, Plain Fitness Sport Running T-Shirts


T-Shirts Men Streetwear Short Sleeve Tops Tee Japanese Leaf Print Hip Hop Men's T-shirt


Manufacturing Companies Custom Cotton Tee Shirt Fitness Shirt Men T-Shirt Printing Bangladesh


Custom Logo Print Men 100% Cotton Tie Dye Soft Hip Pop T-Shirts


We have a variety of Shirts for men, women, and kids, our Shirts are fashionable and have a good price. Besides, we can custom your own logo on our products if you are interested.



OEM Quality Men Cotton Shirt Factory


Made to order Custom Men's Striped Shirts


Custom Made Cheap Corduroy Dress Shirts Factory


Latest Designs Check Shirt for Men Cotton Long Sleeve Factory


We have a variety of sleepwear for men, women, and kids, our sleepwear is fashionable and has a good price. Besides, we can custom your own logo on our products if you are interested.


Wholesale Supplier of Nightdress women nightdress sleepwear high quality best price in Bangladesh


Buy Men's Women's Couple Silk Satin Pajama Sets 2 Pieces Sleepwear Set Loungewear Pajamas and other Sets Factory in Bangladesh


Wholesale Women Sleepwear Ladies Exotic Custom Cotton Nightwear


Fashionable Plus Size Red V Neckline Flower Decor Two Pieces Mature Women Lingerie Sleepwear


Sunseafashion is a premium wholesale apparel manufacturer, with multiple production faculties in Bangladesh. We are hailed among the premier wholesale clothing companies dealing in fashion, fitness, and sports clothing. With years of great work to our name, we are proudly one of the top-class manufacturers of fashion-forward apparel, as well as, custom cut & sew clothing, private label, and many more that the retail merchandise industry needs today.



Our company has a dedicated team of merchandising experts to look into each segment of merchandising activities. These highly experienced merchandisers are capable of dealing with all levels of communication in the most effective way possible.



We help you to create samples of work that will win you instant approval. The experienced merchandisers and quality controllers with us will closely coordinate with your product development personnel to create top-of-line samples for approval, photo, or salesmen samples.



Our company follows a comprehensive quality check system that includes inline, mid inspection, and final random inspection on all orders. All major defects are avoided since our concern follows the AQL 2.5 level, and possesses qualified textile technicians to do an inspection of fabrics. With certified quality controllers monitoring the production of orders, you can be assured of the best results.



We can offer a very competitive price on all goods manufactured by ourselves as we do not outsource and benefit from an uncomplicated supply chain. Pricing for any garment can be given on the same day on receipt of inquiry and detail.



By being based in Bangladesh, managing our operations internally and through economies of experience, we have designed an efficient supply chain allowing us to deliver goods in a shorter time frame.


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