SUNSEA Is a modern Tops quality custom clothing manufacturer from Bangladesh, SUNSEAFASHION Apparel is a multinational equipped to wear clothes production and trading company, operation head workplace in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We've got two Garments Manufacturing unite situated near Dhaka to assist basic clothes production, print, embroidery, fabrics sourcing, teams sourcing, and woven creations, but its own creation offices it's 20 related consistent plants supporting knit, woven such as handmade shirts design, sublimation sports t-shirt, sports sublimation t-shirt, design your outfit, Indochino suit quality, luxury shirts, tailor suit, custom-fit alterations, custom short sleeve, balani suits, corporate jacket design, custom tailoring, jersey short design, bespoke tailors, made to measure clothing, a hand-tailored suit and many more and accessories also, knit and sweater SUNSEAFASHION Clothes established on 22 August 2002. Here at SUNSEAFASHION Clothes Development, we are a clothes supplier in Bangladesh dedicated to manufacturing simplest the of fine clothes merchandise for the customer. With severe internal clothing quality control strategies at every turn, we make sure that the pieces of cloth we make are of the very best caliber and meet all details we additionally offer direct transportation, conveying things to our clients. Whether you're in need of a design or sample creation service from a clothes supplier, or whether you're searching for complete clothing supplier development, at SUNSEAFASHION Clothing Development we'll transform your ideas into tangible results and work alongside you until your product sell in main street stores or on the net Customer satisfaction is our main target, serious expert help, value, World-Class quality clothes maker, on-time conveyance, genuineness s And As a clothing manufacturing company we always force on


Our Vision.

To maximize synergistic benefit, and come to be a market chief in Clothing producer through the pursuit of excessive productivity, advanced technological innovation and absolute customer delight by way of leveraging the strengths of our core commercial enterprise in clothes manufacturing We have a broad system of workplaces in Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Jordan, Myanmar and Cambodia that permits us to give a far-reaching exhibit of fine textures and clothing administrations from sourcing and advancement to contracting and coordination administrations for the clothing manufacturing industry.


We have a broad system of workplaces in China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Cambodia that permits us to give a far-reaching exhibit of fine textures and clothes administrations from sourcing and advancement to contracting and coordination administrations for the clothing manufacturing industry.


Our Mission.

To focus on customer needs and wants continuously and clothing manufacture high standard quality knit & woven clothes. To establish ourselves as the leading provider of knit & woven clothes by serving the international market especially for retailers. To try to meet tough market wishes through a better operating courting with commercial enterprise partners, progressive manufacturing system, and maintaining world-class standard client service.

Our Values.


1. Customer first in the clothes Manufacturing sector.

2. Pursuit of exceptional In Clothing Manufacturing.

3. Leverage via work, people are our valuable resources.

4. Innovation and variety in the clothes Industry.

5. Efficiency improvement and fee manipulation in Clothing Sector.

6. Becoming an accountable corporate citizen.


Our Goal.


Customer delight is our most important goal, competitive professional manufacturing service, price, international class fine quality clothes producer, on-time delivery, honesty, and reliability.


Clothing Manufacturer Bangladesh

Sunseafashion is a vertically integrated textile Bangladesh garments factory of top brands made in Bangladesh from solid T-shirts - plain t-shirts to printed clothes, tank top, Polo shirt, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Uniform, Sportswear, Undergarments & Lingerie, Workwear, Jacket & Vest, Swim Shorts, Sleepwear, innerwear, Sweater & Pullover, Leggings, Shorts, Baby & Kids Wear, Woven Shirts, Jeans Pants, men's clothing, women clothing and Meaning, this group has consolidated all stages of production starting from knitting, dyeing, finishing to cutting, sewing and packing under one roof.


Business with our garments factory so Easy!

We believe that price is a matter without compromising the quality of the cloth. Tell us your clothes requirements, we will process your order on time with quality. Large quantity to small quantity from top garments factory and clothing manufacturer wholesale supplier around the globe. Import & get made in Bangladesh apparels like pants, polo shirt, plain t-shirts, solid t-shirt, workwear, work uniform, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, team uniform, Inner Wear, school uniform, kids wear, shorts, winter clothing, printed tee and undergarments from top garments maker industry in Bangladesh.

Among a lot of garment clothing manufacturing factories, Sunseafashion is one of the reliable clothing manufacturers. We did a good job in the last 10 years. We need expert garments workers for our factory and highest technological instruments as well as a safe working place where workers will able to remain sure that they are working in a safe place where have not any risk to lose their lives”. The owner of Sunseafashion factory is committed to providing the maximum wages to their workers as well as the highest facilities. He also thinks that is not very far achieving to earn such an amount of money if we remain committed to keeping this sector clean and out of violence, particularly from the clothing manufacturing sectors.

The reliable garment in Bangladesh: Looking for a top reliable & trusted Bangladeshi garments industry clothing, t-shirts, uniform manufacturer factory? We understand your apparel requirements and we know how to process your manufacturing order with export quality clothing to top Tee made in Bangladesh and low-cost price. We are very confident that you are the right clothes factory and garments wholesale supplier in the world market that you are looking for in Bangladesh. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. We are not afraid to be bothered.


Men's, Women's & Kids Wear: With our experts, professionals, and list top garments factory in Bangladesh, we export clothing for men's, women's baby, and kidswear. We are truly honored and we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to you for spending your valuable time to visit our website thoroughly. We offer full package development, sourcing, clothing production, and import from ready-made garments & wholesale supply to the major global retailers & wholesalers from Bangladesh. Import T-shirt from Bangladesh clothing factory.


Custom & Private Label: Custom clothing factory Bangladesh, Our garments factory manufacture with your brands or logo, import from top Bangladesh garments exporter & manufacturer to the world retailers to wholesale market worldwide. Custom and private label products we cover from kids' apparel to work uniforms. We also supply different types of clothing and a supplier of every type of ready-made clothing in Bangladesh. Please make sure you send us detailed information when you import t-shirt to any clothing from Bangladesh. We appreciate any feedback because your opinion is valuable and can help us deliver better work.


Men’s Clothing

Looking for a leader in Men’s Clothing Manufacturer? We don’t make our clients happy, we make them delighted with the quality & commitment. We’re the leading men's clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Whatever your plan is, our garments factories make it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire. We manufacture and wholesale every type of men's clothing from men's shirts, pants to hoodies, import t-shirt from a quality maker. Please don’t waste your time and give us a try. “Quality Assurance” is our business strategy.

Men’s Casual Wear: We have the creative data and particular ability to make and gather men’s casual wear to your distinct particulars. Our outline gathering works well with our area technologists and a worldwide preparation system to make casual wear blending directional looks and pointing out with usage and worth.


Men’s Leisure Wear: Leisurewear staff has a fancy sense and unsurpassed experience in fabric change. Its far-reaching particular inclination passes on to men’s leisurewear with the foremost feel and common sense in all circumstances. Overall sourcing frameworks accommodate that you get the latest material and additional upgrades.


Men’s Formal Wear: Sunseafashion makes men’s formal wear to meet the lifestyle necessities of present-day buyers. Our versatile organizations and particular capability pass on a great quality fit with perfect completion and accomplishes the employment that is worth your time and cash.


Men’s Outwear: Sunseafashion’s men’s outerwear is focused on style, fit, and powerful quality. We work with you to recognize the ideal things for your business focus – from ready-to-wear bombers, Harrington’s, puffas, sewed layers, to the more formal jackets and covers.

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Clothing Manufacturer Bangladesh

We have years of experience in manufacturing women’s clothing. If you are looking for a quality, low-cost women's clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh without compromising the quality then consider us as your first choice, we make our client delighted by providing the best service.

Trendy Women's clothing manufacturers, suppliers, and readymade innerwear, undergarments clothing wholesaler Bangladesh. We try to comply with on-time delivery. Of course fast turnaround payback for both of us. Ensuring the product quality is our top & No. 1 rule. All items are 100% export quality assured by our well-experienced QC Team.

Casual Wear

Sunseafashion creative production staff heads the latest fashion style in dresses, woven shirts and tops, cotton casuals, jersey shirts, and also sweats and denim. We can revitalize your brand with top-rate styling while pressing on quality, fit, esteeming, and consistency transversely over high volume.

Formal Wear

Sunseafashion layouts and manufactures women’s formalwear that joins clean lines with fragile, deconstructed altering. From straightforward separates to trademark pieces, our formal creations blend timeless groups with contemporary chic for vital formal wardrobes that pass on to occasional destinations.

Leisure Wear

Sunseafashion arranges and gathers women’s leisurewear by making it equally popular and wearable. From deliberation to execution we meet your purchasers’ needs for captivating setting leisurewear that successfully unites style and comfort


Kid's Clothing

We manufacture, supply, and wholesale the best quality ready-made babywear, boys and girls apparels, kids wear & kids clothes products around the globe. Our kid's wear production line will make you amazed. Our factories deliver kids' apparel at your doorstep. To maintain 100% quality assurance, our QC follows up the entire production.


Kid’s Clothing Manufacturer

Our factory offers top quality and finest knitted children's clothing for the lowest price from school attires to woven knitwear, tops, bottoms, co-ordinates, jackets, and leisurewear, our organization pushes items forward while keeping quality focuses forcefully.


Our Product Capability Covers

Kid’s Children Clothing Manufacturers (Sunseafashion): Children's clothing manufacturer producing cotton spandex to all type of Kid's clothing by maintaining very high quality and Eco environment. Our core foundation ensures that children’s clothing achieves the best structure and fit. We are constantly moving the readiness routines required to discrete your youngster’s swear.


Besides our several spun like Waterproof, stain repellent, non-iron fabrics, and exceptional finishing pass on outstanding quality and convenience for customer satisfaction. Our Kid’s clothing line where you can keep your trust, This is our duty to keep you relax and take all the pressure by our side.


Quick Flexible And Safe Our worldwide establishment supervised by in-country work spots ensures quality control and streamlined movement. From sourcing and making extraordinary fabrics to quality-controlling trims, we pass on the fashion style kids crave and the persisting quality for consumer satisfaction.


Our commitment to adaptability enables you to stop in at any period of the quality chain or pick exhaustive sourcing and collecting effects where needed. In a quick-moving industry, we can perform one-off tasks or stay with you to guarantee that you keep moving forward in the uncertain market and most importantly continue to grow.



Kids Casual wear

Kids Formalwear

Kids Leisurewear

Kids Outerwear


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