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Why Choose Sunseafashion Hoodie Manufacturer

Sunseafashion is one of the leading sweatshirt and hoodie manufacturers in Dhaka Bangladesh who had 21 years of manufacturing and export hoodie/sweatshirt experience in the clothing industry, and we have many skilled and professional staff to ensure that the factory produces high-quality hoodies.


Factory floor area 7,000 square meters and sufficient production capacity. It can mass produce of custom-made hoodies for brands. At the same time, our factory has a small batch production hoodies department to support fashion companies, small brands, small and medium-sized enterprises, and new designers.



MOQ  300pcs per color per design for customized apparel. We are committed to providing high-quality clothing that meets the high standards of our customers, even in small quantities.


Quality Garment

All clothes are cut, sewed, and finished by hand, and through 15 quality control procedures to ensure satisfaction. During the whole manufacturing process, all stages are inspected to ensure that the highest standards are met.


Material Purchase

The source of the fabric meets your requirements for composition and touch. We can also dye fabrics to meet your strict requirements for color and provide additional softening treatment for fabrics.


Co-op Mode

If you need help in fashion design, we can help you measure the size of the clothes you want independently. Or we can operate according to your mode and adjust your size to create a more suitable size.



For each order, we will create a sample for you, allowing you to test and optimize the design functions. Once you confirm the sample, then we will start the mass production.


Mass Production

Mass production hoodie is carried out on our production line. All products are manufactured by hand, and quality inspection is carried out throughout the process. Before your goods are packaged and delivered, the quality inspection will also be completed before packing.


Email From Commitment to Quality

Our team consists of well-trained tailors to ensure that customer orders are completed in the most rigorous and accurate way. For clothing that is really considered to be of high quality, it must be made by hand.


Our skilled staff uses manual cutting and stitching to complete your clothing, to ensure that the quality of each product reaches the highest standards, and then to the next manufacturing stage.


The fabrics recommended by Sunseafashion sweatshirt manufacturers and used in production orders are the best fabrics in Dhaka Bangladesh. We purchased directly from the fabric suppliers. The fabric we used with good softness, high color fastness, strong abrasion resistance, and environmental protection.


All projects undergo 15 processes to control quality to ensure customer satisfaction.


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Hoodie production Process


What Our Customers Say


“I placed an order for 250pcs hoodies and requested to embroidered my brand’s logo. I was very surprised when I received the goods because the fabric, tailoring, and embroidery work well!”


Elliott – Anderson Forde(Brand), UK


“After receiving the T-shirt sample made of 280gms cotton fabric which recommended by Sunseafashion, I felt good and comfortable to wear. I directly placed an order for 200 T-shirts, and I plan to place another order for a hoodie.”


Marijn – HUMBLEDFAME(Brand), NL


Completely Customizable.


Through your design, we help you turn your concept into reality. We have many customized options, including various fabrics, embroidery, printing, personalized labels, and washing labels. With these, we create high-quality clothing that meets your specifications. Make sure we can make your design 100% and meet your requirements in color, softness, durability, and budget.


If your design needs some help, we can also provide help to ensure that they are ready. As a professional hoodie manufacturer in Dhaka Bangladesh, we understand the challenges facing when new businesses. We will make your manufacturing process as simple as possible so that you can focus on building your brand.


Wholesale Hoodies On Sunseafashion Hoodie Manufacturer.


A large number of wholesale high-quality 220g/270g/320g/350g/400g heavy plain Sweatshirts & Hoodies. You can choose to ship it back to your location and then re-design, or you can also commission us to print or embroider your logo and pattern.