Women’s Casual Clothing Manufacturer


Our configuration gathering passes on plans ahead of the fashion season, emulating the latest catwalk examples and applying them to our casualwear. We are fully in tune with the beat of all the latest fashion statements, understanding your business part, and altering your degrees to get on the key points and give your customers a moderate and wearable style.

Our overall sourcing and specialized design staff are knowledgeable in distinguishing the latest fabric improvements, from unprecedented prints roused by directional catwalk look to a broad mixed bag of denim fruitions and casual outfits. Being stringent on the subtle element and creative configuration pass on the agreeable and easy determinations you need to satisfy your customers’ needs.

We search the supply base to source the exact cuts and adornments to express your brand’s identity. These are created and made to your necessities. We then apply these to your quality measures, ensuring a fulfilling tasteful and reliable execution in the wash and wear wardrobe collections.

We put consideration in our piece of attire advancement focuses on complimenting shapes and a contemporary feel, while a boundless portfolio of fabrics, washes, shades, and embellishments accommodates you the versatility to respond to the fast-changing customer’s yearnings.

At Sunseafashion we administer our sourcing progression and amassing framework that engages an all-out quality control, rate of movement, and brand protection. We can wander in at any period of the generation system, from sourcing the ideal fabric or ruffle through to passing on expansive example board to fashion shops. Most of this could be fulfilled at a forceful quality point to suit your business area by our exhaustive ability to orchestrate, organize and pass on in vogue simple collections for your profit.

Women’s Formal Clothing Manufacturer


Our design experts work with you to envision and make front line pieces of attire with a luxurious feel. Whether you require multi-item collections or contemporary signature items, we achieve an adjustment of advancement and high street charisma. Our worldwide sourcing and change frameworks will uncover the ideal fabrics to achieve independent yet wearable formal styles.

Sunseafashion works with an expansive degree of fabrics, picked, and made to meet your specific pre-requisite. From uncommon catwalk spurred prints to fine chiffons and fragile weavings, we can give a noteworthy shade palette enabling you to tweak your collections as per current design samples.

Our in-nation sourcing and development staff will scour the business division to uncover your best embellishments and enhancements for the style detail that will set your brand apart. We give our topmost consideration for ensuring the realness and consistency of your pieces of attire from testing through to high volume manufacturing.

Sunseafashion’s exhaustive collecting base uses the most dynamic frameworks in lay organizing and attire engineering to certification quality and consistency of fit and finish in every choice you bring to the industry.

A responsive logistics framework coating the style capitals of the world sets us up to uncommonly create our organizations to your brand. Various clients pick us for a complete, and cost-effective answer that incorporates planning to mass transport. On the other hand, we can venture in and might be contacted at any stage, from idea layout to production. Our facilitated handling system passes on tasteful yet accessible gatherings that are novel to your brand whilst offering high street image and intense pricing.

Women’s Leisure Clothing Manufacturer

Leisure Leisure Wears - We offer complete aid in making your brand’s style on lounge-wear, stylish sweats, joggers, shirts, and basic layering pieces. Also, we offer brilliant fabric advancements notwithstanding additional and trim change with an assurance of comfort, detail attentiveness, and a fulfilling occasional edge.

Our specialties

Our Work

Our global workplaces are ready to pass on the latest washing, shading, and completing techniques to accomplish your customers’ style and goals.

Quality Measures

These complex systems are passed on by the gifted workforce and guided by our in-nation organization groups.

The impact

The impact is vibrant and accessible leisurewear that passes on the consistency of worth and consummation from the first samples up to mass production.

Worldwide Capacity For Responsive Solutions

We transact deliberately for your profit to accomplish the most gainful course to market with things esteemed to satisfy your degree of structure. Our overall ground level region implies uniquely described organizations that adapt to your requirements, from wandering in with sourcing responds in due order regarding directing total amassing techniques for your segregating and passing up to the transport trail. Dynamic Services For A Versatile Product Base Design and product improvement with a priority on style and comfort Textile and Trim testing A whole run of washes, color and completion Versatile method backing to set up things available to be sold to people in the industry

Women’s Outerwear Manufacturer

Our state of the art design and latest methodology make the ideal outerwear to meet buyer expectations and easy to access style and quality. Master design organizations give help in making pieces of attire totally from scratch, or we can space in at any period of the creation process with our innovative information and specialized expertise.

Our capabilities fuse the latest trends in waterproofing, solid completing, and lifestyle finishes. Particular wet and dry attire orders in denim and a whole collection of diverse fabrics engage you to conform to high performing outerwear to suit your brand and character.

Our specialties

Overall Sourcing

Sunseafashion wide overall sourcing of the latest fabrics, additional items, and trims licenses you to tweak your outerwear to meet the growing demand of the business sector.

Quality Measures

From weatherproof winter spreads to breathable summer outerwear, quality measures and testing performed by our particular staff ensures quality execution over the seasons.


Our production capabilities and on-the-ground information can accommodate you to get to the cream of the world’s clothing industry.

Worldwide Capacity For Responsive Solutions

We give tailor-made organizations to match your needs, whether you are looking to outsource the headway of your entire gathering or oblige specific support at key periods of the supply system.

The sweeping industry taking in and an overall establishment equip us to describe the best technique for sourcing and taking care of to pass on your particular item. We pass on cross fetching, unequivocal product examination, and shrewd logistical outcomes gear us up to meet your valuable and consistent time scales.

At each one period of our organization, we assure complete quality control, preemptive basic speculation, and transparent two-way correspondence, accommodating you full peace of mind with the thought of knowing your aggregations will arrive safely and to your agreed standards. The impact is concocting design-forward outerwear brought to market with itemized consideration and at sensible price valuation.


Bra Panty Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Get in touch for an exclusive offer. We are the one-stop manufacturer for women's inner wears and accessories. We have a huge collection of Bra, Panty, Sleepwear, Nighty, Shapewear, Bikini wear, accessories, and more with various colors and patterns, in all sizes.

We are also famous for brand women wear with quality products. We are one of the well known and top-rated manufacturers dedicated to all things – Bras, Panties, Lingerie, Night wears, Swimwears, Sexy sleep wears, Women sports wears, Women accessories, Bikini wears, Perfect shapewear and more.


Our Fabric Composition:

Cotton & Elastane knitted fabric

Modal & Elastane knitted fabric

Viscose & Elastane knitted fabric Cotton is a woven fabric.


Bra & Panties (Definition) Panties in American English (typically called knickers in British English) are a form of underwear worn by women. Bra – an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts. Every woman is always confused to wear, even for inner wears also.

They want to look the perfect in every occasion or daily routines as well as in all wear, even wants a perfect look in swimwear, lingerie, in two peace wearing (open and hidden wear) – Bra and panty, while at night – in Nighty and sleepwear. Women also want their innerwear should be comfortable, look good, and help them feel confident. They always want unique colors at the best price.

Leading Lingerie Garments Manufacturer in Bangladesh Lingerie Exporters and Suppliers

Check out our past and current projects

Under Garments

We are the best quality underwear’s supplier & manufacturer, Our main products are garments including Bras, Underwear, Vest Sets, Panties, and Sleepwear.

Welcome to our innerwear manufacturing project. We are one the most convenient and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers of lingerie, underwear, swimwear, bra sets, briefs, bikinis, boxers, panties, beachwear, seamless underwear, sleepwear, thongs, corsets, sexy lingerie,

We willingly take any steps to develop and improve the quality of our products. We are proud to state that our factories are more than Compliant with Social standards and quality stipulated on other innerwear manufacturers In Bangladesh or other countries.


We Ensure:

• Quality yarn for inner comfort and AZO free dyeing procedure for healthy skin.

• International standard quality having sensation feeling.

• On-time delivery that’s why we work with no bar of time.

• Accessories are made and supplied by our sister concern company.

• Clients’ satisfaction as well as to conduct them for being further communication and production.

Our Pledge:

• Carry out our duties with integrity and Suggest clients when they need suggestions.

• Be clean and clear communication.

• Lead by clients’ orders and requirements.

• Provide a great opportunity for any development before going to bulk production.

• Always try our best production procedure.

• Manage cost-effective production but no compromise with quality.

• Hold our self responsible and accountable.

Bra Panty Manufacturers Bangladesh

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Committed Steps To Ensure Quality Production:

We own In-House Testing Laboratory to check Production status & submit reports. Also doing regular In-House Training Programs to update our Production Personnel for technical experience.

Our factories also ready for social compliance audits by our Buyers at all times.

Production Steps

Committed Steps To Ensure Quality Production: We own In-House Testing Laboratory to check Production status & submit reports. Also doing regular In-House Training Programs to update our Production Personnel for technical experience.


MATERIALS INSPECTION: After manufacturing fabrics, we working hard to meet the specification & requirements of our clients’ are confront. So we check in GSM, fabric depth including its material density and elasticity, light, washing and perspiration fastness, ironing, tensile creep, abrasion resistance, rubbing, PH check, pitting test, tearing strength.


PATTERN AND CUTTING PART INSPECTION: The cutting body of the garments are checked several times before going to production lines, Pattern reference. Unqualified cutting body piece sends to alter section.

Bulk Production

BULK PRODUCTION AND IN-LINE INSPECTION: During bulk production, we ensure the in-line quality inspection by our qualified inspectors to meet up with our client’s requirements.


PRE SHIPMENT AND FINAL INSPECTION: Randomly selected pre-shipment quality inspection held when all the products are manufactured and a minimum of 85% of total quantity have been ready for packaging. Our experienced personnel of inspectors selects the finished goods by following the “Random Selection Method” based on international quality standards which generally known as MIIL-SOTD-105F, BS6000, ASQIC Z 1.5, DIPN 400 and NFIP X0600.


LOADING SUPERVISION: Our expertise loader workers ensure that finished goods are being shipped in proper condition. Before putting on the container, we examine and ensure that the container is ready to load and the products are loaded by sorting of packing list which will be guided by clients PO’s without any mishandled.


We're the leading lowest cost high export quality T-shirt maker garments industry. Import T-shirt from Bangladesh Manufacturers Factory & feel the excellence of Top Tee Made in Bangladesh. Sunseafashion Garments (WesTics Limited) company where you will get the best T-shirts that you have ever looked at. As T shirt producers we have secured our position and excellence in the market that our brand is synonymous with quality, creative designs, and inherent fashion sense.

With our reasonably priced products, we manufacture complex graphic designs that you might love to have as a piece of your wardrobe or for your article of clothing business. As one of the top T-Shirt manufacturer, we do not compromise on the better qualities and incorporate unique designs that are in vogue, appealing, and special.

The premise of any productive and selfless participation between like-minded businessmen is maintaining effective and open communication. From the perspective of this basic component, we keep all correspondence channels open and attempt to comprehend the needs of our customers.

Trust us that as T-shirt manufacturers, we strive to get an in-depth understanding of the task points of interest and afterward we resolve to work and verify that our work is increased in value. Outfitted and furnished with state of the workmanship T-shirt fabricating units, we mean to satisfy our client’s desires and expectations. Wholesale Tee Market Worldwide Online


Are you searching for a cool round neck T-shirt? You have come to the right place as you can come anytime and pick your chosen shirt at random. Round neck shirt for both men and women has been intended to give them comfort and a fashionable outfit, accessible in various sizes going from small to extra large and at an affordable price which is suitable for all purchasers. Another convenient thing is that you can likewise request your shirt on the web.


A customized shirt owes tremendous patronage around the young. Purchasers are more prone to purchase this. In this manner, our organization puts uncommon exertion on the plans that you can’t prevent yourself from purchasing it. These are accessible in the full sleeve, half sleeve, with round or slipover, and a lot more. On the assortment of the shirt, some numerous logos or labels are printed. You are also given a free hand when you need to design your particular shirt. We have custom shirts additionally on which you can put your particular design. Simply let us know and your chosen outline will be prepared. Specially crafted shirts are very popular in this business. Truly, it will encourage you to emerge from the crowd. Feel extraordinary when you wear our shirts. Furthermore on the off chance that you searching for custom shirt printing then don’t stress we are here to help you. You simply need to select your configuration and your shirt will be in your grasp. So feel free to request your shirt now.


Are you getting exhausted with wearing the ordinary shirts, then look at what we have for you here, our astounding collection of sweatshirts are made only available for you. Our organization designs these shirts just for you while incorporating all the comfort and style. Long or short sleeves with popular necks and plans will provide for you an extraordinary look making you rise above in the immense crowd. Our customized sweatshirts are in great demand nowadays. So keeping eye on that, we likewise can give you the hand in outlining your shirt on your own. You can structure various appealing designs that you can choose on your own.


Dri Fit T-Shirts We take joy in taking you to witness new styles and patterns in the T-Shirt market. We provide for you the most recent and essentially cool turning tees toward extremely competitive costs. Our clothes reach is produced from the best quality fabric materials and sewed to flawlessness by our accomplished customizing staff. Our group comprises of likeminded individuals who have excellent creative ability and who trust in setting new patterns. We are generally always in tune with making thoughts and re-defining our style patterns.


Polo/Collared T-Shirts - It is evident everyone needs to look exceptionally cool and great looking. Polo shirt provides for you a popular look and a magnificent outfit. Picking a polo shirt is a brilliant decision. It has a neckline, 2-3 bottoms beneath the neck and has half sleeves. For wearing reason, as well as you can utilize it for golf and numerous sorts of amusements and item advancement. It gives comfort for any sort of promotion and sports use as well. It has been a pattern for a long time. Indeed now likewise, the youth are inclined toward this with so many ardors. Then again some lean toward using polo or collared shirt just to get elegant and cool. If you are one of them, then don’t stress we must guarantee you that you will discover your chosen polo shirt type in our shops and on the web. It is more like choosing a collared tee shirt. So whatever it is we can give our best to you according to your decision and prerequisite.


All kinds of Uniform manufacturer, Work Wear, Office Dress, Team-Wear Manufacturer Factory. Flexibility is our agenda. We get your group wear lines to market quickly, feasibly, and with total quality control at each stage. Getting quality & fashionable Uniform for any company or team is Today’s Challenges.



Stamped beginner and master Uniform

Discreet work plants

Advancements in fabric and uniform handling

A mixture of stamping advances

Sharp logistics organization for stress-free delivery.


Specialized Uniform development for team performance. Our specific Uniform clothing expertise is broad, with a limitless mixed bag of fabric and advancement propels promptly accessible. Worldwide change and Uniform sourcing coordinated efforts in the group wear presentation, durability, comfort, and adaptability at the most astounding purpose of our Uniform goals.


Bangladesh Uniform manufacturer garments factory could be stamped as simply as weaving, screen printing, heat transfer, or weaved insignias. Additionally, we are experts in creating new marking strategies where required.

We know our target Uniform market inside and out, utilizing an overall arrangement of assembling plants and sourcing work spots to achieve profoundly inventive things that convey the items for your business.


In Bangladesh, there are so many promotional clothing, Promotional T-shirt manufacturing factories who are giving their best efforts to boost the popularity of Bangladesh in this sector of promotional T-shirts manufacturing by producing trendy and affordable T-shirt. Bangladesh GOVT very steps forward about this field of garments industry.

In Bangladesh, there are so many promotional T-shirt maker factories who are very much specialized in this field of T-shirt manufacturing and among them, we're one of the names of popular garments company.


We're not only the local-based popular name but also it is a popular name throughout worldwide for their good commitment, quality, designs, and services. From many years to yet our promotional t-shirt has been playing a very vital role in the field of promotional T-shirt manufacturing in Bangladesh. Many countries like to import promotional T-shirts that are manufactured by our garments factory because their designs, patterns, cotton, and services are very excellent and they provide their goods at a very reasonable rate.


Ours have enough workers and all kinds of modern technological instruments to produce promotional T-shirts.

They have a big and wonderful area where workers are performing their works and we provide all kinds of high security to ensure their worker safety. They are also providing the highest wages and facilities for their work than any other garment factory.


We are very much committed to producing high-quality Promotional T-shirt and latest fashionable unique Promotional T-shirt, we are committed to giving our workers highest safety, highest facilities, highest wages, we are committed to making long term relationship with your clients, we are committed to giving delivery just on time and we are committed to making the face our country brighter in the wide world.

It is just a matter of time to reach their goals”. He also said, “In the middle of just 5 years they have achieved huge success and they want to keep their success and want to take it to the highest level.

Kid’s Clothing Manufacturer

Kid’s Children Clothing Manufacturers (Sunseafashion) Children clothing manufacturer producing cotton spandex to all types of Kids clothing by maintaining very high quality and eco-environment.

From school attires to woven knitwear, tops, bottoms, co-ordinates, jackets, and leisurewear, our organizations push items forward while keeping quality focuses forcefully.

Children Clothing

Our core foundation ensures that children’s clothing achieves the best structure and fit. We are constantly moving the readiness routines required to discrete your youngster’s swear. Besides our several spun like Waterproof, stain repellent, non-iron fabrics, and exceptional finishing pass on outstanding quality and convenience for customer satisfaction.

Our Kid’s clothing line where you can keep your trust, This is our duty to keep you relax and take all the pressure by our side.

Quick Flexible And Safe

Our worldwide establishment supervised by in-country work spots ensures quality control and streamlined movement. From sourcing and making extraordinary fabrics to quality controlling trims, we pass on the fashion style kids crave and the persisting quality for consumer’s satisfaction.

Our commitment to adaptability enables you to stop in at any period of the quality chain or pick exhaustive sourcing and collecting effects where needed. In a quick-moving industry, we can perform one-off tasks or stay with you to guarantee that you keep moving forward in the uncertain market and most importantly continue to grow.

Our Product Capability Covers

Schoolwear Kids Casual wear Kids Formalwear Kids Leisurewear Kids Outerwear

Get in Touch with us for more information, please send us as much as information you have.

Sports Clothing Manufacturer

Bangladesh is the best market for clothing. We are a leading sports clothing manufacturer & supplier. If you are looking for a top-level sports clothing manufacturer & sports clothing factory then we are the best option for you. Because we provide high-end cheap products without comprising the quality.

Game Day

Sunseafashion is a key game day supplier for products that are used in diverse game events like the World Cup, European Championships, Champions League, and Premier League. Our customers turn to us for our master's abilities in making replica wear. We make use of modern advances in design execution, laser cutting improvement, sewn, ultrasonic, and fortified seaming notwithstanding the branding techniques.

Sports Casual Wear

Sunseafashion creates and fabricates trademarked or non-exclusive sports casual wear to supplement our expert game day, team wear, and training wear solutions. We outline and produce a full extent of the casual pack including polo shirts, T-shirts, casual shorts and jeans, and also jackets and wools

Team wear

Sunseafashion team wear is made and prepared to surpass desires in any sports game conditions. We unite advanced garment creation development with inventive capacity and experience, all moved around by an overall supply and manufacturing channel to comprehend your longing on performance and swift levels of delivery.

Training Wear

Sunseafashion training wear serves as the world’s most influential players and sports clothing group. We always push for new advancements to help display achievement on and off the field. Our industry heading profile sets us up to pass on to your lead time and necessities, wherever you select into our stock supply system.


We have the flexibility, abilities, and business data to achieve a centered edge on a full run of work and training wear including tracksuits, training jeans, wet jackets, coats, and training shirts. Our organizations are matched to your determinations, timetable, and full brand security.


We can make and improve any product at any stage to help you with sourcing, testing, and transforming. We are the authority in working with a broad assortment of fabrics including woven materials and sew. Logos and brand supporters can be publicized through quick weaving, images, heat transfer, and the screen printing procedure. Our worldwide sourcing and production chain is ready to respond to your situation, adapting quickly to achieve a quick outcome for your brand. We are at the cutting edge of specific improvements to pass on business enthusiasm for training wear that stays on the ball even in the hardest circumstances.


Solid Work and Training wear To Meet The Toughest Challenges Tracksuits, track pants, shirts, coats, and jackets Cutting edge designing for impelled execution Full checking enhancement capacities Worldwide production limit Responsive logistics organization for powerful movement

Quality Control

A group of 16 licensed technicians and multiple diversified lineups of quality inspectors are to examine and scrutinize the processed merchandise. The groups are equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and they abide by strict inspection methods. They even have regulated quality standards to examine the products to ensure that these products meet the standards of the clients before any market release. The company has formed its own set of quality control system based on the clear knowledge of what their clients’ preferences of their goods. This quality control system is a result of the company’s years of experience in exporting their merchandise to the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Excellent workmanship is important in designing high-quality fabrics and garments. This can only be attained through training, oversight, and management to achieve the company’s goal and that is to come up with ideas and concepts at the Design Workshop that are suitable for production and delivery.

Quality Policy:

Quality Assurance

We have a quality guiding principle for quality assurance and guarantee. We’ve professional quality control personnel also. Sunseafashion is doing trade and export different kinds of superior quality readymade garments clothing. Competitive price, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction is our ultimate motto. To maintain this we always try to adapt the following:

1. Follow up client’s requirements throughout the manufacturers.

2. Increase employee's efficiency and awareness by given schedule training.

3. View customer’s feedback regularly and obtain appropriate action timely if needed.

4. Our maximum rejection or wastage is below 5% per annum.

5. We maintain Global Standard 100 and ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Measurement:

1. Yarn Testing

2. DIA Shape Maintaining Test

3. Pattern Test

4. Cutting Quality Check

5. Sewing Quality Check

6. Finishing Quality Check

7. In House Inspection by QA Department under Top Management.

8. Shipment Inspection by Buying QC or INTERTEK / SGS.