Quality & Compliance

Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd is comprised of experienced personnel that are capable of supporting customers at every step of the process.
Pre-production teams, risk analysis team, and pilot runs to identify potential issues and take appropriate actions to solve them.
Fabrics are always inspected and tested before any bulk cuttings are done. Accessories and Embellishment testing adhere to ISO and AATC standards.


Our production network is based on compliance, we guarantee our customers that their goods are produced in factories where the workers’ rights are respected. 

We have our Compliance Department that constantly evaluates the factories and provides them with mandatory follow-up improvements. We constantly strive to improve the working conditions, safety, and benefits of the workers. This is made possible by a long term partnership with our clients and manufacturers. 

We are following international standards and codes of conduct such as BSCI, Accord, Wrap, ICS…

Quality Control

A group of 16 licensed technicians and multiple diversified lineups of quality inspectors are to examine and scrutinize the processed merchandise. The groups are equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and they abide by strict inspection methods. They even have regulated quality standards to examine the products to ensure that these products meet the standards of the clients before any market release. The company has formed its own set of quality control system based on the clear knowledge of what their clients’ preferences of their goods. This quality control system is a result of the company’s years of experience in exporting their merchandise to the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Excellent workmanship is important in designing high-quality fabrics and garments. This can only be attained through training, oversight, and management to achieve the company’s goal and that is to come up with ideas and concepts at the Design Workshop that are suitable for production and delivery.

Quality Policy:

Quality Assurance

We have a quality guiding principle for quality assurance and guarantee. We’ve professional quality control personnel also. Sunseafashion is doing trade and export different kinds of superior quality readymade garments clothing. Competitive price, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction is our ultimate motto. To maintain this we always try to adapt the following:

1. Follow up client’s requirements throughout the manufacturers.

2. Increase employee's efficiency and awareness by given schedule training.

3. View customer’s feedback regularly and obtain appropriate action timely if needed.

4. Our maximum rejection or wastage is below 5% per annum.

5. We maintain Global Standard 100 and ISO 9001:2008.


Quality Measurement:

1. Yarn Testing

2. DIA Shape Maintaining Test

3. Pattern Test

4. Cutting Quality Check

5. Sewing Quality Check

6. Finishing Quality Check

7. In House Inspection by QA Department under Top Management.

8. Shipment Inspection by Buying QC or INTERTEK / SGS.