Sunseafashion has been well equipped and uses most modern machines to manufacture garments products. We are manufacturing garments products and different types of fabrics with professional experts at special units. In the field of manufacturing, we are using the latest and modern technology and provide the exact unit of the leading edge. Sunseafashion has been working on the garments sectors so many years and working hard to become a perfect organization with a modern facility. We do not compromise about maintaining our product quality. We are working to fulfill our customer demands internationally and able to focus their attention to select our core products. We are the ones who are going to be dominating the international textile market with our quality services. The best part of us is we understand the chain value of textile markets and working hard to be a one-stop leading garments products provider.


Quality of product and cost affecting the manufacturing process makes Sunseafashion is one of the top fabric producers in Bangladesh. We are a world-class manufacturer and work with the latest models of circular knitting machines with added modern technical features.


Sunseafashion has seven production machines and three sampling machines, four production machines buy from Turkey and the rest are buying from Germany. Each of the machines is operated by some overhead controlling system. We are using automatic chemical dyes supplying systems to create better dyeing laboratory conditions to build production quality. Also, avoid any kind of operating errors we are attaching to weighing terminals and it is operating by a scanner.


Manufacturers and products in the dyeing and finishing machinery field are surveyed by Sunseafashion. We have used updates, the latest technology and modern machinery for proper dyeing and product finishing. We are always giving priority to our buyer requirements. Our main criteria to make satisfy each of our buyers, because it is related to our business reputation. Sunseafashion is focused on all types of practical and chemical finishes like – •

Taking care of moisture for synthetics and natural fibers. • U.V Protection. •      Anti-microbial. •              Nano care. • Teflon. •              Flame Retardant. •         Perfume Finish. • Easy Care. •   Cool Max. •        Stain Release.


Sunseafashion has its dyeing and physical laboratory. We also have a sample dyeing machine from Ahiba, sample squeezer and SDL. Our dyeing laboratory is equipped with an auto lab, supported by SPS solution maker, spectrophotometer from Data color international. In the physical laboratory, equipped with both warp and weft knitting machinery. Sunseafashion can conduct all test methods as required by leading garments buyers, knitting machinery includes both raschel and tricot machine and weft knitting machine include circular (single jersey, interlock, rib, jacquard) and flat knitting machine.