Women's Activewear.

Sunsea Xpert - Your Outsourced Technical EXperts on functional clothes.

No matter you are new start up owner,private label,picky buyer in one chain store or super market store,welcome any party related to clothes industry to find us and cooperated together.

Specialized in producing windbreaker jackets,printing leggings,outdoo...

Women's Activewear.

Sunsea Xpert - Your Outsourced Technical EXperts on functional clothes.

No matter you are new start up owner,private label,picky buyer in one chain store or super market store,welcome any party related to clothes industry to find us and cooperated together.

Specialized in producing windbreaker jackets,printing leggings,outdoor soft shell,active tops,women’s pregnant clothes,work uniform etc

Sunsea Xpert is known as middle/premium OEM manufacturer partner for functional clothes industry among US and EU country.

Sunsea Xpert  -Your Outsourced Technical EXperts on gym wear,yoga clothes,outdoor clothes,work uniform etc.


DEVELOP CUSTOM DESIGN - MANUFACTURING IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY Get Your Wholesale Blank Fitness Apparel from the best Xpert Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

Looking for the best wholesale blank fitness apparel collection to make it your retail’s signature?

Well, you don’t need to look any further. Xpert Activewear Manufacturer is one of the most reputed active wear producer in the bangladesh, United States and has the infrastructure and expertise to create blank wear that will definitely be the star of your show. With the latest machines and technology on the company’s arsenal, it has created one of the most diverse clothing catalogs on blank fitness wear. In fact, the producer has all kinds of designs in the segment that will be delivered all ready to be printed and stacked on the premium shelves. If you want to know more about Xpert Fitness Clothing Manufacturer’s services and catalog, Visit our private label page.

We Are One of The Best Wholesale Activewear Manufacturers in The Clothing Manufacturing Industry

As one of the top wholesale activewear manufacturers  Bangladesh ,USA and Australia, we have fast become the number one wholesale blank fitness apparel manufacturing company as far as fitness clothing is concerned. We have grown in leaps and bounds and only have our diligence, partners, and work ethics to thank for it. Yet, we as a team are pushing our limits and trying hard to raise the bar and appease our customers. We have a catalog that is so extensive and packs in all kinds of sportswear manufacturer that one can think of, be it for the fitness crazy men or workout addict men. From fitness leggings, joggers, tank tops, vests, sports bras, to hoodies, sports jackets, t shirts, shorts, and many more, Xpert  Activewear Manufacturer has it all. Each of our clothing segments is headed by a different design team that ideates and creates the fabric composition best for that particular apparel, after which the manufacturing units take over for bulk production.

Our Yoga Clothing Collection

Particularly designed for a rigorous routine of power, hot, and meditative yoga asanas, our wholesale yoga pants is an absolute delight for retailers and consumers who would love to stock the best. From tank tops, tees, vests, yoga pants, and sports bras, the collection houses it all.

Wholesale Workout Clothes Manufacturer and Supplier in USA, Canada, Australia, UAE

Running clothes, dance clothes, and custom activewear collection falls into our wow clothing category, the name being self-explanatory as to why. Our wholesale workout clothes has one of the best reception amongst our distributors, retailers, and, in short, fitness clothing lovers.

Our Wholesale Gym Clothing Collection

As you can see from the above categories, we take our manufacturer’s role very seriously and our wholesale gym clothing collection speaks volumes. In fact, if you are impressed, we would be more than happy to show you more and enlist you as our treasured partner. From trendy and high-performing tank tops, gym tops, shorts, vest and more, keep an eye on our catalog.

Launch Your Own Private Label Fitness Clothing Brand

Partnering with us as your active wear clothing wholesale manufacturer for your private label clothing line can be the best decision you will ever make! So, if you have been only thinking of launching your private label, it is time to give a real shape to your business dreams. Get in touch with, communicate your requirements and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Become A Xpert Activewear Distributor

Our distributors and partners have become the top athletic wear wholesale suppliers and we cherish this professional bond. Not just in terms of functionality, we are heading in the front in every department, be it style or durability. Our distributor kits are worth picking up, fill in the form, meet our eligibility criteria and you are good to go!

The time of a new era in fitness clothing has finally come and Xpert Activewear Manufacturer has taken the initiative to usher it on each and every fitness clothing retailer so that they can rev up their stock of activewear pieces with ease. Packed with an experienced and expert arsenal of the best designers and manufacturing pros in the business, we, one of the biggest wholesale activewear manufacturers in Bangladesh , USA look to make our impression in this competitive industry and create new benchmarks. We have been around since 2002 and hope to continue serving the business owners/retailers/ individual bulk buyers with this same zeal for years to come.

With the dedication to make a difference in manufacturing and supply, our Bangladesh based company has set out with a dream – to make top class workout clothes at affordable prices. With a catalog that reflects our fashion-savvy ideals with the latest buzzwords prevalent in the fitness-fashion circuit, we take inspiration to curate something fresh and create our own rules. we look to break new grounds and make you feel more than satisfied for what you order in bulk.


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  • Bras

    Women's Sports Bras. WHOLESALE BRAS

    In order to cast away the wearer uncomfortability of wearing so borring bra, we bring here a largest selection of the most functional bras. Each piece of our products are combined with chosen fabrics, gorgeous design and solid production experience. Our girls & women would be supper comfortable and stylish wearing those awesome pieces of bra.

    We are providing our designed products (wholesale) and also providing one-stop-shop (manufacturing) service for those who would like to develop their own designs.

    Women’s Plus-Size Push-Up Sports Bra

    Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd are manufacturing and supplying of many kinds of wholesale plus size made out of many kind of functional fabrics in a lot of delicate design that not only support the wearer very well in terms of keeping the good shape but also making a really comfortable, soft, smooth, breathable and safe. Products specification - 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane ( adjustable as Customer's Specification) - Hand Wash - Sports bra has underwire for support and shape - Straps have reinforced comfort binding - Pull over closure - Stretch fabric dries quickly and offers flexible fit

    Women’s Plus-Size Push-Up Sports Bra Manufacturer-Wholesale Supplier

    Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd – Plus Size Bra Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market

    Among thousands of high functional and supportive products provided here, we are also manufacturing and supplying for a wide selection of plus size bras from seamed to seamless bras, un-padded to padded bras, strapped to strapless bras…). Actually, We are providing an One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service for those kinds of products.

    A plus size Bra are combine with a lot of special characteristics like durable, high compression but still very breathable, comfortable, supportive and soft. Those characteristics can come from both materials and the structure of the product. We set our every day to perfect us in bring both of them to each piece of our plus size bra.


    For decades working Plus Size Bra Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier our global manufacturing industry, we have gained a lot of experience, accumulated strong capacity to provide our customer a reliable service. We could help to carry all stage of production in a full package service (design & pattern making support, materials & samples development, manufacturing and logistics). Our service aims to save our Customers affords, time and expense of working with too much service suppliers.


    We are characterized with 3 highlights of capacity: labors, technology and management. All of our labors are well-trained to master many kinds of machines. This is one of our keys to optimize productivity. Technology are essential with us. Besides of modest machines for manufacturing and testing, we apply several algorithm that allows us optimize our productivity based on our own capacity. Management is also our main focus. We strengthen our service with a professional management process to make sure that every things will go smoothly.

    Business philosophy

    We believe that if we can help our customers and partner take more advantage in their market, they will gain more and share with us more. Therefore, We dedicated ourselves to the commitment of flexible service, high quality products, competitive price, and on time delivery

    Custom Strapless Sport Bras.

    Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd are providing OEM or One-stop-shop service of manufacturing and providing this desired Strapless Bras. Product Specification: - Made from soft and breathable 96 % Nylon and 4% Spandex. (adjustable as per Customer's Requirement) - Super Soft, and Made From Lightweight, Breathable Stretch Fabrics. - Removable Padded - Stable and Well-fit

    Custom Strapless Sport Bras Manufacturer


    Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd – Strapless Bra Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier for global market


    Strapless bra is an indispensable item for girls and women in attractive 1 shoulder or strapless dresses. Normal strapless bra are almost too-tight compression causing a lot of discomfort to the wearer. An design of Strapless bra that is high compression enough to keep things in nice shape but still be very comfy, breathable is essential. Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd are manufacturing and providing for various kinds of those item (seamed or seamless bras, padded or un-padded bras, plain or printed bra…).


    In fact, we are provide FOB, OEM, ODM, One-Stop-Shop service for manufacturing almost kind of Strapless Bra. Our service cover from your raw idea to the finished products those are ready-to-sell on your market. Besides, We are also offer our customers our own designed products for their private label clothing brands as a wholesale supplier. Lets us add some more information about how our service can benefit your products with several advantage:


    Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd has been in this fabrics and garment industry for more than  decades. We deeply understand how important the feeling of comfy that a piece of bra brings to a girl or woman is and we also know how to make it in the most effective and efficient way.


    Start with materials, We invested in cooperation with best yarn and fabrics manufacturer to keep updated with latest news, development, innovation in materials. Nowadays, We have so many kinds of high quality and functional materials available here to make the best bra with values characteristics (high compression, stretchy, breathable, supper soft and smooth, good moisture absorb and anti-bacteria…). All of our bras are creative intersection between high level of fashion and function.


    In addition, we focus on perfect our capacity (machine, technology, human resource and management…). We have in-house expert with profound knowledge, talented designer and technicians to handle every technical requirement. We also invested in a factory with 500 modest machine. Each of our well-trained labor could use at least 4 kinds of machines. That enable us to be very flexible in arranging production. We optimize our productivity by algorithm that is much suitable with our capacity. That’s how we produce high and stable quality products at the low prices.

    So if you are looking for a Strapless Bra Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier who could not only help you save time & expense in arranging manufacturing but also could bring you some more advantages, Let see how well our service could serve you.

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    Padded Sports Bras

    In response to the widespread market demand of more supportive sport clothes, Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd Vietnam provide a One-stop-shop service of manufacturing and wholesale supplying of high functional Padded Sport Bras. Products Specification - Nylon + Spandex (adjustable as per Customer's requirement) - Pull On closure - Small: Bust: 67-72cm/26.37-28.32inch; Cups: 70B/32B, 70C/32C - Medium: Bust: 73-78cm/28.74 -30.7inch; Cups: 75B/34B, 75C/34C - Large: Bust: 78-82cm/30.7 -32.28inch; Cups: 80B/36B, 80C/36C - X-large: Bust: 82-88cm/32.28 -34.64inch; Cups: 85B/38B, 85C/38C

    Padded Sports Bras Manufacturer

    – Fabrics:

    There is no limit in fabrics used for Padded Sports Bra. You could choose from Nylon-Spandex to Polyester-Spandex…or blended one with different compostion, knitting style, colors, weight…. We cooperate with local and international yarn suppliers in innovation of new generation yarn to make a lot of high quality fabrics that are the most suitable to the functions of each piece of our Padded Sports Bras like high compression, breathable, moisture absorbing, lightweight and chafe-free… We offer you a freely support in developing a new kind of fabrics as well.

    – Design:

    We provide a number of designs of padded sport bras (from full to semi-cup, from wireless to a under-wire…) that would be really supportive for the wearer’s bust but still not pinch and contrict it.

    We also do not limit you in any specific options. You could come with us with your own design or together we could create some new ones, or we could also provide you product with our own designs under your brand.


    – Sample development:

    A great idea or design always needs a shaped look. Our samples Development Department are gathered with lots of creative, innovative and experienced Designers & Technicians. They would be very flexible in supporting you.


    – Manufacturing:

    We have our own factory with about 300 skillful workers. Each person are equipped about 2-3 modern machines. The LEAN manufacturing system allow us to handle from small to big order in the shortest period of time. Normally We deliver about 500,000 pcs/month.


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    Custom Printed Sports Bra

    Pursuing the dream of creating a more active & fashionable life and desire to color the exercise rooms with printed sport bras, We bring here very functional products made our of chosen fabrics and our 85 years of experience. We provide One-Stop-Shop manufacturing service from designing to fishing products. Specification of the product: - 87% Polyester/13% Spandex (adjustbale as Customer's specification) - Printing: Latest trend & as per Customer's Requirement. - Pull On closure - Machine Wash - Quick- drying technology helps keep you cool and dry - Stay-put racerback design for freedom of movement - Chafe-free, lightweight, moisture absorbing, 4-ways stretching.

    Custom Printed Sports Bra Manufacturer

    When it comes to a dreamy products for Sport and Fitness workouts, We focus on both function and the style of the product. We develop new generation of yarn to make premium fabrics with excellent characteristics of quick-drying and moisture absorbing. The fabrics is thin enough to maintain comfortability; smooth enough to ease the chafe; but well-structured, table & strong enough to hold and support the wearer.


    As an One-Stop-Service Supplier & Manufacturer assisted by our own capable manufacturing factory equipped with sufficient modern machined set up under LEAN system that complies with international production standard and a solid experienced labors force, we would be supportive in both designing and manufacturing your products.


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    ultimate-comfy-support-wire-free-bras-manufacturer-supplier-Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd-textile-vietnam (4) Ultimate Comfy Support Wire-Free Bras

    Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd are providing a trustworthy OEM, One-Stop-Shop Service for a new design of Bra which could be personalized to fit well with each wearer and combined with adjustable straps and no wire Products specification: 80% Nylon, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex (adjustable as per Customers' Specification Requirement) Color: full colors option Hook and Eye closure Machine Wash Wire-free bra featuring four-way stretch cups and all-around comfort band Tag-free labeling Adjustable shoulder straps Double hook-and-eye closure at back

    Ultimate Comfy Support Wire-Free Bras Manufacturer

    – Materials:

    + Yarn: With a close-knit relationship with local & international yarn suppliers, we develop new generations of yarn with premium funtions ( Tencel, Modal, Aerocool, coolmax, woolmax… to add more special funtions to the traditional yarn of Nylon, Polyester and Spandex…

    + Fabrics: There are many options available here: Nylon-Spandex, Poylester-Spandex, Nylon-Polyester-Spandex… The proportion of each composition can be adjusted according to customers’ requirement.

    Our salesman would be able help you in sellecting the most suitbale yarn & fabric for each funtion that you would like to combine to your product.

    – Design: Our designer always try to put the best funtions in each product. We remove the borring wire that may shape you in a wrong way, we have launched a new design of a wire-fee bra that would perfectly fit to you, flatter your shape and make you a supper comfy feeling.

    If you would like to develop a new idea of product and bring it to life, our Designers & Technicans may be able to give you a hand.

    – Sample developing: Sample would be on the way to get your place within only 3-5 days.

    – Provide cappacity: We own a cappable factory set up in LEAN process with sufficient modern machines equiped and a skilful labours force. We are now able to provide with about 400,000 pcs / month and looking for Customers with bulk order quantities. But if you are a start-up, or an online wholsaler, retailers, or a designer we would be grateful to support you with a small MOQ.

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  • Dresses

    Women's Active Dresses.

    Casual & Fashionwear Manufacturer

    Casual & Fashiowear are become not only a type of clothing but also a part playing an essential role in our lifestyles. With over 85 years of reputation in garment industry, Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd is able to produce and provide a wide range of Casual & Fashionwear worldwide.

    If you are looking for a trustworthy Women's Active Dresses, Casual & Fashionwear Manufacturer and wondering if we could be able to be your most potential cooperator, let come and watch how we manage our international standardized factory with the latest manufacturing technology along with modern machines and skillful labors. As a result, you would definitely be assured with our abilities. More than that, we also have our factory followed system which help us to reduce waste in every producing step. Thus, your order are not only finished in a period time but also have a reasonable price.

    Finally, no delay is another advantage that makes our reputation.

  • Jackets & Hoodies

    Women's Active Jackets & Hoodies. Hoodies Manufacturer

    With the mission of helping your customer to stay fashion and trendy, our concentration is aiming for releasing more and more different designs of Fashion wear hoodies with our One-Stop-Shop OEM service. Hoodies is one of our key product lines among thousands desirable items of Activewear that we have been developed.

    We can manufacturing and provide a wide collection of Hoodies from pullover to full zip, from plain to printing, or from drop shoulder to classic... thanks to our own factory, wide suppliers & sub-contractors network. We are confident to handle even the hardest requirement of both designing and techniques at the lowest possibly cost and in the shortest period of time.

  • Pants, Leggings & Capris

    Women's Active Pants & Tights.

    Women's Active Pants, Leggings & Capris

    Activewear Leggings Manufacturer- Sunsea Xpert

    Our One-Stop-Shop Service for Activewear Leggings:

    - We provide a wide range of leggings

    + From sport leggings to yoga fitness leggings and many other designs specialized fro various workout activities.

    + From basic to high waist leggings

    + From normal to brushed leggings

    + Plain to Printed leggings

    ... In fact, we would be able to produce almost kinds of Leggings from knitted fabrics. That totally depends on Customers wish.

    - We developed and selected so many kinds of materials and fabrics: Nylon, Polyesters, Spandex, Tencel, Modal, Woolmax, Coolmax....

    - We have in-house-experts to handle designing; yarn, fabrics & samples developing

    - We have our own facilitated factory to carry out manufacturing under a good quality controlling system that complies to many internationals standards... (ISO 9001-2008, SA 8000, CE marks...)

  • Shorts

    Women's Active Shorts. Shorts Manufacturer

    People who love Running, Jogging, Yoga or Aerobic Practicing... would look gorgeous and feel the freedom with high stretchy, natural feeling, and good designed Shorts. They are all need Shorts.

    A good news is that we could manufacturing high quality Shorts from so many kinds of knitted fabrics at very reasonable price. We provide a trustworthy One-stop-shop service in which we will help you carry out your order from the materials development to manufacturing and delivery the ready-to-sell products. We prioritize the good quality products made out by an efficient manufacturing process and delivered at the right time.

  • Skirts

    Women's Active Skirts

  • Tops & Tees

    Women's Active Tops & Tees

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