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Bangladesh Sportswear Clothing Manufacturer

Sportswear supplier Bangladesh

Professional Sportswear Manufacturer

Realizing the requirement of the retailers and business owners regarding sports clothing items like outfits and accessories, we have brought in the fresh product genre of sportswear. This way, we have reached the zenith of success to b...

Bangladesh Sportswear Clothing Manufacturer

Sportswear supplier Bangladesh

Professional Sportswear Manufacturer

Realizing the requirement of the retailers and business owners regarding sports clothing items like outfits and accessories, we have brought in the fresh product genre of sportswear. This way, we have reached the zenith of success to become the globally acclaimed and top-class wholesale sportswear manufacturer! Our widest assortment of products comes in a medley of varieties, from different colors to a range of cuts, designs, styles, and silhouettes.

From American Football to Basketball, Athletics, Golf, Ice Hockey, dancewear, Lacrosse to other genres of sports, we satiate people from every background. The exceeding demands are taken care of by our new-fangled array of authentic sports garments, available in all sizes for men and women.

Being the leading sportswear company, we offer high-quality items
Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd Manufacturer has been hailed as the most high-grade sportswear company of the world and hence apart from the stylistic details, we also prioritize on the quality of the products. We make sure to perfectly craft the clothes in high-quality synthetic materials that root for comfort, durability and are capped with moisture wicking facilities. Also, they are stitched intricately for the most appropriate line and length.

Get Customized Sports Clothing Options for Your Team
Keeping up with our reputation of a celebrated wholesale sportswear company, we offer the most impeccable and sartorial custom sports clothing design options. Once the team owners and retailers brief us about their personal requirements and preferences, we bring to them the exact products in bulk. The unparalleled prowess and a team of professional craftsmen make it possible to fulfill all the orders and ship them to the right destination within the mentioned deadline.

Our sportswear range includes Sportswear, Children's Sportswear ,Golf apparel, Motorcycle jackets , Children's training & jogging suits , Smart performance apparel , Ski pants , Children's sports shorts & trousers , Children's sports jerseys & track tops , Tech-powered sports apparel ,Ski jackets ,Children's skiwear , Men's swim briefs, Competition swimwear , Racing apparel , Dry suits , Men's rashguards , Women's rashguards , Women's wetsuits , Children's rashguards , Men's swim trunks , Varsity jackets ,Surfing wetsuits , Girls' swimwear,Baseball & softball jerseys , Men's wetsuits , Baby & Children's Swimwear , Cycling jersey sets , Women's sports tanks ,Sports visors , Baseball & softball gloves , Men's sweatsuits , Promotional women's sports, Women's sweatsuits , Yoga wear , Women's sports tops , American & Australian rules football jerseys , Cycling jerseys ,Sports caps ,Motorcycling gloves , Soccer shorts , Children's sports caps , Golf gloves, Soccer uniforms ,Women's tracksuits ,Children's sports socks ,Women's UV-protective swimwear , Cycling gloves , Women's sports shorts , Cycling jackets ,Men's sports tops , Women's plus-size bikinis , Bluetooth sports caps , Unisex sports, Women's tank suits , Women's sports s,Cycling caps,Women's plus-size swimwear , Girls' bikinis , Golf caps , Basketball jerseys , Women's fishnet bikini sets ,Men's sports tanks , Sports socks , Promotional men's sunglasses , Shutter shades , Monokinis, Women's tankinis , Men's jumpsuits , Soccer jerseys , Women's Beachwear & Swimwear , Men's sports sunglasses , Goalkeeper gloves ,Boardshorts,Cycling shorts , Men's sports shorts , Bicycle helmets, Women's chlorine-resistant swimwear ,Activewear ,Men's tracksuits , Ski & snowboard goggles , Sports face masks & shields , Ice & field hockey jerseys , Men's long-sleeved polo shirts , Motorcycle goggles , Women's short-sleeved polo shirts , Women's sports skirts & dresses , Women's long-sleeved polo shirts ,Ski gloves , Tennis uniforms , Sports , Men's sports pants ,Men's sublimation printed T-shirts , Men's short-sleeved polo shirts , Children's wetsuits , Women's Sports, all these are our inhouse prouction with quality product and service.

Sportswear - Activewear & Gym Wear and compression wear
Oem Sportswear Suppliers and Manufacturer Bangladesh
Want to get fit in style? Our collection of sportswear effortlessly combines comfort and style.
From stylish gym leggings with bold camo prints and slogans to basic hoodies and sweats,
you can drop it like it's squat in our on-trend sportswear for women and men Boys and Children Kids and Babies.

Leaders In Custom Sportswear World Wide

OEM Sportswear- Activewear & Gym Wear Suppliers and Manufacturers
Want to get fit in style? Our collection of women's sportswear effortlessly combines comfort and style.
From stylish gym leggings with bold camo prints and slogans to basic hoodies and sweats,
you can drop it like it's squat in our on-trend sportswear for women.

Sportswear Activewear & Gym wear

We are regularly producing sportswear, polar sportswear, sportswear costume for kids, h2o sportswear, Muslim women sportswear, lycra sportswear, sb sportswear, badminton sportswear, authentic sportswear, urban sportswear, starter sportswear, sportswear private label, wholesale sportswear, sportswear manufacturer for all sports clothing articles for summer and winter.

We are specialized in activewear which includes supplex activewear, activewear wholesale, activewear supplex, sexy activewear, bodylicious activewear, cotton activewear, wholesale activewear, new sexy cheap activewear, crop top, activewear women, activewear wholesale, bright activewear, Milan activewear, heat activewear ,colorful activewear, top and pants, activewear, sportswear.

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While for active wear we are producing for the clients across the world, here are the details of a few of our clients which includes activewear manufacturers Australia
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wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers

The third range is for the Gym Clothes this market is expanding along with fitness wear clothing according to details of manufacturing.

Gym Clothes

Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd manufacturer is a full-service private label clothing manufacturer, dedicated to providing the best in service, quality, and price for our clients. In addition to superior fabric and private label apparel manufacturing, we provide established product development, design

Build your brand with Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd manufacturer- Custom Fitness Sports & Casual Apparel Manufacturer

gym wear is designed to give you the confidence to train hard and without compromise. The latest gym clothes utilize the newest technologies to keep you cool as well as giving you the support so you can work out in comfort. Find the perfect sports bra, training top, vests, leggings, Capri tights, tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts and more to suit your preferences. Get fit and stay in shape in the best quality ladies gym clothes.

Our fantastic range of ladies fitness gear includes everything you will need for the gym, working out, walking, running, yoga and any other sport. Browse the women's fitness clothing for workout tops, vests, sports bras, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, tights, and capri pants. Complete your outfit with a pair of ladies trainers. Get fit in style and without breaking the bank via the great deals on the latest fitness kit. Combine your new gym gear with our fitness and exercise equipment section and take your workout to the next level!

Gym wears includes Mens Gym Wear, Fitness Clothing, Women's Gym Clothes & Activewear and compression clothing

compression clothing has come a long way and there are no two ways about it. The features that we lock in the compression garments make them the best clothing partners for fitness lovers when they keep themselves busy in any workout program, cardio exercises or strength training sessions. To keep the joints pain-free and adding the higher dosage of agility to movements, the women’s compression garment collection that we offer stand apart. At Fitness Clothing Manufacturer, we design, distribute and craft premium quality compression garments that are high in demand among the fitness clothing retailers and businessmen.

Our Wide Variety of Wholesale Compression Garments

When you check out our colossal inventory for sprucing up your store’s stock, you will come across high neck jerseys, compression pants, jackets and much more that redefine the norms of fitness clothing. It is not only the health benefits during a workout that we remember when crafting these workout apparel, but we also offer a burst of colors, eye-grabbing designs in our compression garments wholesale collection to woo you. You can ask for anything and we will be more than happy to supply you with compression wear that will let you cater to the needs of your end customers or the bunch of fitness freaks.

Make The Most of Our Custom Options

Private label manufacturers or anyone in need of custom clothing requirements can surely get in touch with us for your custom requirements of women’s compression garments. Just brief our size requirements, color options, logo embossing or any other custom demand you might be having and we as a custom compression garments wholesaler we will deliver the bulk order bang on time at the desired destination.

So if you are looking for women’s compression clothing in bulk, in need of a quote, get in touch with our helpdesk and we will get in touch with you at the soonest! As a women’s compression wear manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler we have a strong distribution network that has made it possible for us to do business all across the globe.

We as Sunsea Xpert Clothing Ltd always welcome designs and specifications from our clients for there orders or developments. If you have any questions or you have any inquiry contact us by email at



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