Men’s Clothing

Whatever your plan is, our garments factories makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire. We manufacturer and wholesale every type of mens clothing from mens shirts, pants to hoodies, import t shirt from quality maker. Please don’t waste your time and give us a try. “Quality Assurance” is our business strategy.

Men’s Clothing Manufacturer.

Men’s Casual Wear.

We have the creative data and particular ability to make and gather men’s casualwear to your distinct particulars. Our outline gathering works well with our area technologists and a worldwide preparation system to make casualwear blending directional looks and pointing out with usage and worth.

Men’s Casualwear Manufacturer

We will be in your short list when you make a list of Men’s casualwear manufacturer. We are confident with our capability & facilities. If you need high quality mens casual wear manufacturer then consider us as your clothing partner where you keep your trust.

Casual wear

Our setup and progression organizations are underpinned by a sourcing and creation establishment. We can change in accordance with business climb and fall in valuation, logistics issues, and pass on fundamental ways, whether you pick in for specific help or oblige assistance from ideas to purchaser.

Casual Shirts

sunseafashion casual shirts guarantee quality from opening to premium worth focuses. Our talented originators and all inclusive sourcing gatherings are experts in material change, using advanced CAD abilities to execute the ideal outlines for your business. Unrivaled cut and styling detail together with reliable specific advancements achieve lifestyle vestments all around today’s purchasers.

Casual Trousers

Our cool trousers are made to match customer craves on look, feel, common sense, and expense. Our makers, specialists, and suppliers all work as an inseparable unit to produce wise cotton, corduroy, moleskin, velvet, and extravagance blends. We handle complex colors, impetus, stone, and sand washes for a true blue quality end product.

Casual Jackets

Our in-profundity investigation of the menswear business moves the latest styles beginning from bombers, Harrington’s, sewed covers, puffas, and coats. The exceptionally modernized and particular proficiencies in color coloring and attire washing enable you to describe your necessities with full conviction in execution and finish.

Men’s Leisure Wear

Leisurewear staff has fancy sense and unsurpassed experience in fabric change. Its far reaching particular inclination passes on to men’s leisurewear with foremost feel and common sense in all circumstances. Overall sourcing frameworks accommodate that you get the latest material and additional upgrades.

Men’s Leisurewear Manufacturer


Our creation system is composed to respond quickly to your worries, whether you request help with a specific process or pick us to transport total clothing turnaround. The result is the fair value and robust performance customers need in this serious business segment.

Relaxed Leisurewear

A wide collection of weaves portrays polo shirts and T-shirts overhauled with sewing detail and bit of dress washing for a comfortable and contemporary look. We can stamp your bits of garments using machine embroidery, woven distinguishing pieces of proof, high temperature exchange trades, and screen-printing.

Wools and Waterproofs

sunseafashion has a mastery in fleeces and waterproofs giving astounding comfort and dynamic execution. Joining improvements in breathability, fabric wicking, anti-moisture, and drop-linings, we ensure your brand legitimacy is kept up for persevering quality and worth.

Our commitment to innovative fabric headway ensures significantly solid garments that move complete trust for useful and amusement purposes. The strict quality control achieves leisurewear that passes on its certification without fall and inside the allocated financial allowance.


sunseafashion is a trail blazing leader in fabric change, we produce anti- bacterial, water and stain repellent activewear bits of dress including foundation layers, track pants and separates, intended for admirable execution from practice to golf wear. Our wide sourcing and amassing capability ensures that we accomplish cost-profitable movement without sacrificing quality.

Versatile Products For The Competitive Market
Detached leisurewear including Polo Shirts and Sweats
Durable and Active wears including Waterproofs and Fleeces
Base layer textiles and Weaves
Stringent creation and testing rules
A full Stretch out of Branding and Accessory Work

Men’s Formal Wear

Sunseafashion  makes men’s formal wear to meet the lifestyle necessities of the present day buyers. Our versatile organizations and particular capability pass on a great quality fit with perfect completion and accomplishes the employment that is worth your time and cash.

Men’s Formal Wear Manufacturer



Itemized suit modifying and counting achieves the fantastic feel customers need with the solace they ask. Machine launderable suits, high performing travel suits, and occasion suits are especially assembled to match your brand character and business esteem.

Formal Shirts

We are authorities in CAD setting plans and particular improvement for fabric progression with countless lines achieving a non-iron rating of DP Grade 4. An astute response to your determination describes the most fitting string numbers, fit, and last result for your brand, notwithstanding its hostile to sweat and against bacterial limits, as required. We are bosses in formal shirt improvement, from sleeve and neckline setup to structure and pleat unpretentious components. The final item is a mixture of uncommon fabrics styled impeccably whether your degree is strictly business or going past the cutoff points of easy shirting.


sunseafashion formal and semi-formal trousers benefit from an exhaustive degree of fabrics including wools, cottons, corduroys, cloth material blends, and tough polyesters. From the exemplary to the present-day, our trousers are handled to give faultless style and comfort to the full degree of its size. We can pass on perpetual creases, right fitting waistbands, wicking, and machine launderable similarity and travel resiliency inside a versatile evaluating structure.


Our expert cutters make formal jackets to meet the climbing need for the most recent a la mode and creative examples. Through our worldwide sourcing and headway business districts we make the ideal fabrics for peculiar outpouring inside a formal attire layout. Modernizing the methodology in making a multifaceted type of clothes out of fine tweeds, robust quality checks, and all-unique jacket styles are all in our plan concerning giving the best. Essentially, we ensure your lines meet the present day principles, with the collecting capacity to apply high performing machine launderable and no-press completing for the outfit.

Men’s Outrwear

sunseafashion men’s outerwear is focused on style, fit, and powerful quality. We work with you to recognize the ideal things for your business focus – from ready to wear bombers, Harrington’s, puffas, sewed layers, to the more formal jackets and covers.

Men’s Outerwear Manufacturer

Market driven framework, the artistic use of avant-garde fabric advancements and stringent testing from prototyping to last shipment accommodate you a completion item with assurance in the quality and execution of your outwear items. The impact is brand conviction your customers can rely on at each one worth point.

Flexible Outwear Solutions

sunseafashion blueprint and bit of attire advancement expertise is basically the initial foundation of the best things this apparel organization can offer. Our arrangement strategies are composed to perform great value for your hard-earned money and a snappy turnaround. We have down to earth encounter in intricate advancement techniques and finishing procedures that offers drop linings, fabric washing, and shade control to achieve your brand’s ultimate image.

Our overall sourcing business districts and manufacturing plants are programmed to pass on collections quickly, in a savvy manner, and sticking to your particular point of interest. A responsive arrangement of activity can send bespoke outcomes at any period of the stock system, whether you need to source an alternate aggregate trim or search for a complete organization from blueprint thought up to the actual shopping place.

Taking care of Consumer Demands
Cool men’s puffas, stylish bombers, Harrington’s and covers
Jacket layers and trench outlines
Proficient completions from chill wash off to material color coloring
Water- safe drop linings
Fabrics, trims and adornments that follows the agreed quality measures