Casual Wear

Sunseafashion creative production staff heads the latest fashion style in dresses, woven shirts and tops, cotton casuals, jersey shirts, and also sweats and denim. We can revitalize your brand with top rate styling while pressing on quality, fit, esteeming, and consistency transversely over high volume.

Women’s Casual Clothing Manufacturer


Our configuration gathering passes on plans ahead of the fashion season, emulating the latest catwalk examples and applying them to our casualwear. We are fully in tune with the beat of all the latest fashion statements, understanding your business part and altering your degrees to get on the key points and give your customers a moderate and wearable style.

Our overall sourcing and specialized design staff are knowledgeable in distinguishing the latest fabric improvements, from unprecedented prints roused by directional catwalk looks to a broad mixed bag of denim fruitions and casual outfits. Being stringent on the subtle element and creative configuration pass on the agreeable and easy determinations you need to satisfy your customers’ needs.

We search the supply base to source the exact cuts and adornments to express your brand’s identity. These are created and made to your individual necessities. We then apply these to your quality measures, ensuring a fulfilling tasteful and reliable execution in wash and wear wardrobe collections.

We put consideration in our piece of attire advancement focuses on complimenting shapes and a contemporary feel, while a boundless portfolio of fabrics, washes, shades, and embellishments accommodates you the versatility to respond to the fast changing customer’s yearnings.

At Sunseafashion we administer our sourcing progression and amassing framework that engages an all out quality control, rate of movement, and brand protection. We can wander in at any period of the generation system, from sourcing the ideal fabric or ruffle through to passing on expansive example board to fashion shops. Most of this could be fulfilled at a forceful quality point to suit your business area by virtue of our exhaustive ability to orchestrate, organize and pass on in vogue simple collections for your profit.

Formal Wear

Sunseafashion layouts and manufactures women’s formalwear that joins clean lines with fragile, deconstructed altering. From straightforward separates to trademark pieces, our formal creations blend timeless groups with contemporary chic for vital formal wardrobes that pass on to occasional destinations.

Women’s Formal Clothing Manufacturer


Our design experts works with you to envision and make front line pieces of attire with a luxurious feel. Whether you require multi- item collections or contemporary signature items, we achieve an adjustment of advancement and high street charisma. Our worldwide sourcing and change frameworks will uncover the ideal fabrics to achieve independent yet totally wearable formal styles.

Sunseafashion works with an expansive degree of fabrics, picked and made to meet your specific pre-requisite. From uncommon catwalk spurred prints to fine chiffons and fragile weavings, we can give a noteworthy shade palette enabling you to tweak your collections as per current design samples.

Our in-nation sourcing and development staff will scour the business division to uncover your best embellishments and enhancements for the style detail that will set your brand apart. We give our topmost consideration for ensuring the realness and consistency of your pieces of attire from testing through to high volume manufacturing.
Sunseafashion ’ exhaustive collecting base uses the most dynamic frameworks in lay organizing and attire engineering to certification quality and consistency of fit and finish in every choice you bring to the industry.

A responsive logistics framework coating the style capitals of the world sets us up to uncommonly create our organizations to your brand. Various clients pick us for a complete, and cost-effective answer that incorporates planning to mass transport. On the other hand we can venture in and might be contacted at any stage, from idea layout to production. Our facilitated handling system passes on tasteful yet accessible gatherings that are novel to your brand whilst offering high street image and intense pricing.

Leisure Wear

Sunseafashion arrange and gather women’s leisurewear by making it equally popular and wearable. From deliberation to execution we meet your purchasers’ needs for a captivating setting leisurewear that successfully unites style and comfort.

Women’s Leisure Clothing Manufacturer

Leisure Leisure Wears - We offer complete aid in making your brand’s style on lounge-wear, stylish sweats, joggers, shirts, and basic layering pieces. In addition, we offer brilliant fabric advancements notwithstanding additional and trim change with an assurance of comfort, detail attentiveness, and a fulfilling occasional edge.


We arrange and supply a full choice of women’s outerwear for each season, including first class rain wear, sewed and wadded layers, gilets, trenches, macs, duffle, and denim covers. We work with you to assure that your latest lines reflect tomorrow’s frameworks, shades, and fulfillments while keeping up an esteeming structure relevant to your business.

Women’s Outerwear Manufacturer

Our state of the art design and latest methodology make the ideal outerwear to meet buyer expectations an easy to access style and quality. Master design organizations give help in making pieces of attire totally from scratch, or we can space in at any period of the creation process with our innovative information and specialized expertise. 

Our capabilities fuse the latest trends in waterproofing, solid completing, and lifestyle finishes. Particular wet and dry attire orders in denims and a whole collection of diverse fabrics engage you to conform to high performing outerwear to suit your brand and character.

Bra & Panty

Bra & Panty Manufacturers in Bangladesh, we are leading women's bra exporters and we manufacturer quality bra & panties at affordable price. Import bra & panties from our factory.


Bra Panty Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Get in touch for exclusive offer. We are the one stop manufacturer for women inner wears and accessories. We have a huge collection of Bra, Panty, Sleepwear, Nighty, Shape wear, Bikini wear, accessories and more with various colors and patterns, in all sizes. 

We are also famous for brand women wear with quality products. We are one of the well known and top rated manufacturer dedicated to all things – Bras, Panties, Lingerie, Night wears, Swim wears, Sexy sleep wears, Women sports wears, Women accessories, Bikini wears, Perfect shape wear and more. 

Our Fabric Composition: 
Cotton & Elastane knitted fabric 
Modal & Elastane knitted fabric 
Viscose & Elastane knitted fabric Cotton woven fabric . 

Bra & Panties (Definition) Panties in American English (typically called knickers in British English) are a form of underwear worn by women. Bra – an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts. Every woman is always confused to wear, even for inner wears also. 

They want to look the perfect in each and every occasion or daily routines as well as in all wear, even wants a perfect look in swimwear, lingerie, in two peace wearing (open and hidden wear) – Bra and panty, while at night – in Nighty and sleepwear. Women also want their inner wear should be comfortable, look good and help them feel of confident. They always want unique colors with the best price.


We are the quality Lingerie Manufacturers in Bangladesh. We have few world famous brand around the world and most of them trust us as their clothing line. We’re master when it comes to manufacture Lingerie.

Under Garments

We are the best quality underwear’s supplier & manufacturer, Our main products are garments including Bras, Underwear, Vest Sets, Panties and Sleepwear. 

Welcome to our inner wear manufacturing project. We are one the most convenient and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers of lingerie, underwear, swimwear, bra sets, briefs, bikinis, boxers, panties, beachwear, seamless underwear, sleepwear, thongs, corsets, sexy lingerie, 

We willingly take any steps to development and improve the quality of our products. We are proud to state that our factories are more than Compliant with Social standards and quality stipulated on other inner wear manufacturers In Bangladesh or other countries.


We Ensure:

• Quality yarn for inner comfort and AZO free dyeing procedure for healthy skin. 
• International standard quality having sensation feeling. 
• On time delivery that’s why we work with no bar of time. 
• Accessories are made and supplied by our sister concern company. 
• Clients’ satisfaction as well as to conduct them for being further communication and production.

Our Pledge:

• Carry out our duties with integrity and Suggest clients when they need suggestion. 
• Be clean and clear communication. 
• Lead by clients’ order and requirements. 
• Provide great opportunity for any development before going to bulk production. 
• Always try our best production procedure. 
• Manage the cost effective production but no compromise with quality. 
• Hold our self responsible and accountable.


Committed Steps To Ensure Quality Production:

We own In-House Testing Laboratory to check Production status & submit reports. Also doing regular In-House Training Programs to update our Production Personnel for technical experience. Our factories also ready for social compliance audit by our Buyers at all times.

Production Steps

Committed Steps To Ensure Quality Production: We own In-House Testing Laboratory to check Production status & submit reports. Also doing regular In-House Training Programs to update our Production Personnel for technical experience.


MATERIALS INSPECTION: After manufacturing fabrics, we working hard to meet the specification & requirements of our clients’ are confront. So we check in GSM, fabric depth including it’s material density and elasticity, light, washing and perspiration fastness, ironing, tensile creep, abrasion resistance, rubbing, PH check, pitting test, tearing strength.


PATTERN AND CUTTING PART INSPECTION: The cutting body of the garments are checked several times before going to production lines, Pattern reference. Unqualified cutting body piece send to alter section.

Bulk Production

BULK PRODUCTION AND IN-LINE INSPECTION: During bulk production we ensure the in-line quality inspection by our qualified inspectors to meet up with our client’s requirements.


PRE SHIPMENT AND FINAL INSPECTION: Randomly selected pre-shipment quality inspection held when all the products be manufactured and minimum 85% of total quantity have been ready for packaging. Our experienced personnel of inspectors select the finished goods by following “Random Selection Method” based on international quality standards which generally known as MIIL-SOTD-105F, BS6000, ASQIC Z 1.5, DIPN 400 and NFIP X0600.


LOADING SUPERVISION: Our expertise loader workers ensure that finished goods are being shipped in proper condition. Before put on the container, we examine and ensure that the container is ready to load and the products are loaded by sorting of packing list which will be guided by clients PO’s without any mishandled.