Polo Shirt Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most frequent producers of the world of garment products. Polo shirt is one of the highest producing products here in Bangladesh. The manufacturers receive the highest number of orders for this type of garment product. Polo shirt is made for the different type of body shapes and can vary from type to type. Materials also vary according to the type of polo shirt ordered. Piqué, Cotton, Polyester, Jersey, Ottoman, Poly Performance etc. are used into the making of polo shirts around the world. Solid or Stripe, be it any, you can always rely upon the manufacturers of Bangladesh with your product being made to perfection. Round neck, V shape, Collar, Continental, Zipped are the commonly known neck styles for a polo shirt. The GSM will vary depending on the area from which the order is being given; traditionally it is 200-240 for polos made to withstand the weather in a European country, for Asian countries it varies from 150- 180 GSM.
You can ask for any combination of different materials to try oPolo Tshirt for Girl / Lady / Women making polo shirt and that is also possible here. Bangladesh has the most reliable source of these materials to make you the best of the polo shirts in lots. These manufacturers are all experienced and have been producing the polo shirts from quite a long time. Different types of polo shirts are made here. The cheap rate of labor has triggered the production in Bangladesh. The number of manufacturers is increasing day by day.
Polo Shirt Supplier In Bangladesh / Asia
Different patterns of polo shorts are woven here in Bangladesh. Cords, Honeycomb, Waffle knits are popular patterns for a formal appearance that are mostly sold for men’s clothing. These shirts have high demand to wear for formal sports events during summer in the European countries. The manufacturers always look for ways to reduce the cost to a minimum thus facilitating the production. Depending on the number of shirts placed as an order, the rate of making the shirt can vary. The labor cost here in Bangladesh is quite low adding to the mass production of the polo shirt. The manufacturers here are professional enough to make sure they comply with the words given. Trade Key, Phoenix, Tex Garment Zone, Min-Max Textile, Rasa Fashion, Zest Clothing etc. are few of the renowned polo shirt makers in Bangladesh.

Stylish Polo Shirt manufacturer

Wearing a polo shirt is more of comfort than of style. It has therefore made it possible to sustain for a long time in the fashion for the ease of wearing and storing. It’s one of the clothes for men and women that allow them to relax all the way through their having worn one and this has affected the demand in a positive way. Polo shirt for men and women has long been in demand and in business. People from all the age group love to wear a polo shirt for the reason that it allows them to relax and get away with their daily usual stuff quite easily. Wearing a polo shirt you feel comfortable that motivates you to wear one for your whole hectic day. You prefer polo shirt for every occasion be it casual or special. Starting from school to corporate meetings, men are slowly moving towards the idea of ‘comfort clothing’ that goes with the idea of wearing a polo shirt. If you are thinking of entering a market filled with demand for a polo shirt, you better think of Bangladesh as one of the leading manufacturers for the same.