The Federal Trade Commission is seeking input by 22 April on its Guides for Select Leather and Imitation Leather Products as part of a broader systematic review of all current FTC regulations and guides. Originally adopted in 1996, the Leather Guides address misrepresentations about the composition and characteristics of specific leather and imitation leather products. They apply to the manufacture, sale, distribution, marketing or advertising of all kinds of leather or simulated leather purses, luggage, wallets, footwear and other similar products.

According to the Leather Guides, it is unfair or deceptive to misrepresent, directly or by implication, the kind, grade, quality, quantity, material content, thickness, finish, serviceability, durability, price, origin, size, weight, ease of cleaning, construction, manufacture, processing, distribution or any other material aspect of a leather product. A misrepresentation should not be made, directly or by implication, that a product is made wholly of a particular composition. A representation as to the composition of a particular part of a product should clearly indicate the part to which the representation applies. Where a product is made principally of leather but has certain non-leather parts that appear to be leather, the product may be described as made of leather so long as accompanied by clear disclosure of the non-leather parts.